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Monday, March 12, 2007

Garden Education: Jeff Jabco of The Scott Arboretum

You know you've attended a worthwhile lecture when you leave enthused and eager to garden. Add to that a plethora of new ideas and I think we can safely say that was one hour well spent! Jeff Jabco, Director of Grounds and Coordinator of Horticulture of The Scott Arboretum , did just that with his topic of Design Ideas from Period Gardens: Italianate, Chinese, Japanese and the British Arts and Crafts Period.

He shared with us ten design lessons and how each was reflected and exemplified in the above type gardens. Let me just say the slides alone would have made this lecture!

For the curious, here are the lessons:

l. Unifying Theme or Style

2. Organized Space

3. Garden Relates to Home or Other Structures

4. Blurred Distinction Between Inside and Outside

5. More Intensive (or Formal) Style Nearer to Home

6. Use of Local Materials for Hardscape

7. Simplify/Eliminate Clutter

8. Use of a Destination or Focal Point

9. Borrowed Scenery Emphasized (when present)

10. Strong Design Helps to Unify

If you have the opportunity to hear Mr. Jabco, I highly recommend you do it!


My notes (for grins):

IMG_3330 notes from lecture page 1IMG_3333 notes from lecture page 2

Lest I forget, this wonderful presentation was part of the Philadelphia Flower Show.


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

You have been paying attention I see. ;-) And been taking notes as well. OK, you get an A+ :-)

Gotta Garden said...

I am out of control, can't you tell??! I am one of those people who likes to sit on the first couple of rows to have a good view...but, I do have to say, it is always a pleasure to hear someone who knows his/her subject.

The other part is something I'd rather not admit...the memory just isn't want it used to be! And, notes help (too bad I didn't discover that during school!).

Always look forward to your comments! Thanks for the laughs!

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