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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Bange Garden...Garden 3...2009 AHS Region 3 Summer Meeting

After a very nice Irish lunch, we've arrived at the Bange Garden. This spectacular garden which displays over 1100 registered daylilies is the love and labor of Faith and Jerry Bange. A daylily power couple, they share their enthusiasm with folks all across Region 3 (and probably beyond). NCDC is now in their capable hands with Jerry being the current president.

Faith is a special friend of many of us in Region 3. She works tirelessly on numerous daylily club (clubs, as she is involved in several) activities, encourages other daylily lovers (your writer included), and somehow still finds time to maintain this superb daylily display garden. Yes, that's right. You can visit this one during peak bloom (please check the AHS website for AHS Display Gardens...locate this one in Davidsonville, MD and PLEASE call first for open times and never wants to show up unannounced, but then you probably already know that....of course, you practice good garden etiquette!)...

Let's get on with it....we're here for the flowers!

We're walking along the Bange driveway....

The vast majority of the daylilies are in the backyard...

There are beautiful beds to view along the walk...

Some driveway bed shots...

Turtle Island:



Techny Spider:

Adorable Tiger:

Particularly nice mushrooms:

Celebrating our patriotic pride (folk art by Ellen Brous....whose garden we will visit next), Faith provided each of us with these colorful ribbons:

There were many different selections to choose's one:

Beautiful potted hostas greet us near the table:

As well as you'll see...Faith is not just a daylily gardener:

We're here now....

Let's go in, shall we...

Blood, Sweat and Tears:


Inca Puzzle:


Lone Star Wagon Wheel:

Darla Anita:

Darla Anita, closer:

I have a fondness for black mondo grass, but it is hard to place.....Faith's done a very nice job here....

We've hardly started....

We have to see that bunny closer...

Faith shares her garden, even with her neighbors (what a view they have)...

Indian Giver was putting on an especially nice show....

Barbara Dittmer:

More mushrooms...

Azure Violets:


Bottle Rocket:

Makes you just want to go in, doesn't it...

Ocean Front Property, two views:

Spacecoast Technical Knockout...

Life Saver...

A family nickname for Faith...

Blue Eyes Crying...

Total Look...

Punxsutawney Phil....

Emma's Green Giant...

Afternoon Truffle...

Margo Reed Indeed...

Singular Sensation:

Rings of Time:

Two views of Siloam Space Age:

Lots of Forestlake Ragamuffin:


Toodleloo Kangaroo

Red Boutonniere (one I love, love, love):

Something Superb:

Jean High:

Two of Barbara Mitchell:

Twirling Parasol:

See the fairies?

Twirling Parasol and Lois Burns:

Lois Burns:

Two of Moments of Intrigue:

Two of Primal Scream:

Daveo Holman:

Spacecoast Dixie Chick:

Perennial favorite Milk Chocolate:

(Did you notice those brown buds??)


Daylily folks enjoying themselves...

One Last Dance:

Two of Raspberry Sunshine:

Swedish Girl:

We'll pause a minute to go through this shady area...

Watchyl Open Fire:

Star of Leah:

Topguns Ruffled Snowflake:

Another (enjoyable) pause...

Ahhhhh, let's sit a moment and just enjoy all this, shall we?

Ledgewood's Firecracker:

American Revolution:


Lots of places to rest a minute and enjoy all the views...

Faith's Garden House...

A magnificent Plena Elegans Clematis...

Knights in White Satin:


Aunt Ethel:

Cinnamon Sunrise:

Kathy Rood:

Camphor Flame:

Lasting Promise:


You were aware that Skinwalker is the new Stout Medal Winner?

We have to take a good look at this pond....

(Think we saw that from every angle?? hehe.)

Surprise Encounter:


Webster's Pink Wonder...

Tuscawilla Snowdrift:

More mushrooms (I do like'em!)...

Crimson Banners:

Copperhead Road:

Honeycrunch Cupcake:

Westbourne Mom's Cinnamon Rolls:

Grace and Grandeur:


Misty Twisty:

Instant Gratification:

Two of Baffin Bay Beauty:

Lyndell's Pink Ribbons:

Victorian Lace:

Musical Medley:

Dragon King:

Winsome Lady:

Two of Tom Wise:

Canary Glow:

Lotsa (ha) Lotsa Dots:

Topguns Anita Causey:

Seminole Wind:

Hollywood Lights:

Orange Vols:


Julie Raeder:

Gee...even Faith as a pot ghetto....(a neat one, though)...

Big Lar:

Lots of Divine Comedy:

We could head this way...

...but there are still daylilies (lots of daylilies!) to see...

(Drat! My picture let me down on this, unknown...but pretty neat):

Choice Affair:

Starman's Journey (one of my favorite pictures from this garden...):

Alexa Kathryn (performing like a star here):

Around the back of Faith and Jerry's house:

Giddy Girlfriend:

Light of the World:

Carpet Bagger:

Purple Avenger:

The only kind of these I like...

One last look around before we head to Garden 4.....

Thanks so much to the Banges for hosting us and letting us enjoy your beautiful garden!


If you missed the previous gardens, you can find them in the labels on the right (2009 AHS Region 3 Summer Meeting), or The Botting Garden is here and The Bennett Garden is here.


Bev J. said...

Thanks for sharing. I haven't done anything with my blog for months but know how much time this takes. Beautiful garden and you photographed it well. Makes me want to start blogging again!

Bev J.

Nikki Schmith said...

awesome usual, Katie! thanks for continuing to your stories!

Shady Gardener said...

Thank you for this post... I've missed you!! :-) When were you here? Now that it's December and we have SSssnoooowww all over the place, it's hard to relate to your photos! ha.

But then, it's also very nice to enjoy them at this time of year!

Should we ever relocate, my next yard MUST have room for lots of daylilies!!

At the very least, you provide inspiration for garden tours during the Summer. Have a great day.

xokientx said...

I always enjoy visiting your site and viewing the wonderful pictures. Surprised I don't see more of them on the AHS productions. Thanks and Keep On, Keepin On! Inside joke for us hemheads! Ed

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