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Friday, May 26, 2006


May 26, 2006

Okay, I really haven't fallen off the planet. I have several things started in draft form but that's as far as I've gotten. Sad. Meant (and still mean) to do the daffodil review and onward from there. I have so much to share that I feel like I am bursting at the seams!

First off, right now, I am typing away from Ireland! Yes, that's right! Ireland...Dublin, to be precise. We arrived here today after a few days in London where a dream came true for me. I went to the Chelsea Flower Show on Wednesday! Yes! It was everything and more. I took hundreds of pictures which I will somehow sort through when I get back. I'm thinking of maybe trying to figure how to link to an online album of some sort (I am so technologically challenged).

But, that wasn't all...I also went to Sissinghurst! I am beside myself. We're only here in Dublin for the weekend before heading back to the USA on Monday. I'm thinking of trying to go to the Botanical Gardens here tomorrow, but I don't know. I'm awfully weary and it's just nice, frankly, to enjoy where we are without the hurry to catch trains, buses and/or the tube.

Moving back, I also have a few pictures from the Birmingham Botanical Garden (is that what it's called?? the mind is not sure at this moment) to post as well. My new camera, which I mostly like, really let me down on that first expedition in Birmingham (Alabama). I burned through the batteries on video, not knowing how (at that time...and I'm still figuring things out) to take it off that.

Before we left for the UK, things were really starting to pop at my own humble garden...the iris have been spectacular (I hated to leave them...knowing they will probably be mostly done when I return), the roses were just about to explode and even some of my southern daylilies were having their first blooms. Don't you just love spring?!!

Don't want to take too much advantage of this free internet at the hotel. Gotta share, you know.
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