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Monday, March 31, 2008

Daffodil Parade and More....

Getting right to it, more daffodil other spring things....and, if you hang on, something at the end that really made my day! Some of these pictures are from yesterday. Others are from today (you'll see the raindrops...yea rain, we need all we can get to fill those reservoirs so that our water restrictions can go away...).

Barrett Browning (above)

Goldflake (above)

Bath's Flame (above)

Fragrant Rose (above)

Pineapple Prince (above)

Changing Colors (above)

Gigantic Star (above)...really huge

Modern Art (above)....doesn't match its picture...we'll follow this one to see if it matures into it or I was simply sent the wrong one...

Seagull (above) newly opening

Seagull as the blooms mature (above)

Trepolo (above) wet

and dry (above)...from yesterday

Flower Record (above)

Martinette (above)

Sweetness (above)...see, more did open

Chromacolor (above)

Minnow and Scilla (above)

Red Devon (above)

Marieke (above) ... a nice yellow, big, but not as big as Gigantic Star

Sugarbush (above)...just starting

Burning Heart...maybe...(above)...I have another area of Burning Heart...we'll compare later...every year this one looks different

Lemon Drops (above)

Hollywood (above)

Toto (above)

Some Unknowns (below):

A beautiful yellow growing with some autumn crocus... (above)

Probably from a Butterfly Mix (above)

Near perfect form, I think, and laughs at the weather...unknown (above)

Backyard unknown...growing under a silver maple...with no love...sigh (above)

Bought as's not...(above)

As promised, there are other things here besides daffodils (and many more of those to come...those pictured are mostly earlier ones) we go

A screen of winter hazel blooms...(above)

Grape Hyacinths (above)...gotta have those, right?

My tiny tree peony is up and going (above)

One variety of woodland phlox getting ready to go (above)

Redbuds will be starting very soon...isn't it wild how buds pop out all over (above)

Almost azalea time (above)

Pink Almond about ready to pop (above)

It made it! Helped by our mild winter this year, non bridal wreath spirea (above)

Glory of the Snow (above)

Virginia Bluebells (above)

Self seeded foxglove, rose campion and variegated columbine (above)

Self seeded Japanese Iris....hope they bloom...maybe something new, who knows (above)

Earliest of the peonies with buds (above)

Look carefully...the raindrops are glinting off the emerging

They'll never go away...big sigh...two eradications...unsuccessful...tiger lilies (above)

Hip hip hooray! This, dear blogworld friends, emerging gas plant! Yes! Three times I've tried to grow this...and had a rough autumn...broken off...mulch removed by critters, etc...but, here it is! (above)

Okay...if you're still here (gold star to you!)....something really special (I think)...

You, yes you, are the first ones to see this! This is a daffodil seedling! Making its first appearance in the world...we'll see how it does...I have nothing like this in all my daffodils...and, you know what else....this is a gift from mother nature! You got it. I didn't do this. Let me show you where it is:

That's it from behind. There's a group of assorted daffodils can just see them in the right corner. However, I made this bed...despite the orange builder's clay (time and amending and a never-give-up attitude help) daffodils were ever planted seems to be a good area for seedlings...the Japanese Iris ones are nearby and I find daylily seedlings in there as well. Well, we'll have to watch it and see what it does in the future, how well it increases, etc. There's some other smallish daffodil foliage nearby, so maybe there will be other seedlings in the future. I have no idea how long it takes for seeds to make it to this point. The daffodils that it probably came from (although there are lots of others, depending on the time frame) were planted probably in 1999, maybe 2000. I'll have to check the trusty spreadsheet.

So, there you have it! A first!

A rare peek at my garden...I'm no landscaper, but spring is just so fun...have a look

Walking to the front door (above)...

Riley enjoying the blooms (above).....yes, I am not into grass...

Korean Spice Viburnun, assorted daffs, and creeping phlox coming into bloom...more things to come, but a nice early show (above)

A little look at one part of my backyard (above)...can't wait for the daylilies...obviously, there's more room for daffodils (hehe)...maybe now you begin to see how I crowd everything in.

I've just run out of time because there is more...tulips, for instance...the early ones are blooming. My "to blog" list grows ever longer...but, never's spring!
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