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Monday, May 02, 2011


There was a time when Iris claimed a fair share of space here at Gotta Garden. (See here)

Here's a picture from May 15, 2007...

This same area now houses many daylily seedlings. And...haha...a couple of iris that apparently survived the purge...(joke's on me)...

Look what's blooming:

Pretty nice, yes? Let's face it, when they're blooming, they're magnificent. And, some are even fragrant. It's easy to agree with Henry Mitchell during this time. It's just that....well, my heart's not there and they take up valuable real estate here. The last one especially...(laughing) you can tell it's pretty vigorous.

Still, I like these two and will probably move them...the purple one another they crowd the daylilies. There's a tiny part of me that wishes Batik (an especially favorite one) would have left a rhizome or two...

There are other iris here, the Dutch Iris that grow in front of some of the peonies....

(Color is darker than this photo conveys.) Dutch Iris grow from small bulbs and are carefree as well as very reliable.

Japanese Roof Iris, originally from the Mary Washington House. Once upon a time, I had both the purple and the white ones, but I haven't seen any white for several years. This iris also travels around. We'll see if it can cross

No pictures of the dwarf iris as they were so full of weeds this year. You'll forgive me, I know. They're cute and the earliest of bearded iris to bloom.

Here's tiny Iris Cristata...

Last year I acquired a white variety....left it in the garage over winter....and, hooray, it managed to survive (although most unlikely to bloom).

Still to come are the Siberian Iris, Japanese Iris and Louisiana Iris. Hmmm, I guess iris are still well represented here.
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