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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Exciting times in the garden these days! Not quite as exciting as Daylily Days, but pretty darn close! So much is going on that it's tough to come in here and tie myself to the computer! Also, I'm pretty slow at posting...hmm, I need to perfect the ten minute post! That would work! Anyway, here are some iris pictures...with more to come!

This is Japanese Roof Iris (Iris tectorum). It's pretty special to me as it came from the MWH and really did come from Japan! A long ago volunteer in the garden contributed some that had been brought back after WWII. Isn't it neat to have things with a history in your garden! I think so. I did have a white variety and am hoping it's just behind this purple one. Purple, mind you, not the blue that is showing up here.

This is a not-so-swell picture of Iris Crisata. I have had a hard time capturing light purples or lavender (and white). Maybe someone will share some photo tips (please!)...besides getting a better photographer, of course!

I have another little clump and it has only produced one bloom so far (I'm watching it!) that was darker...which I thought was great...but I didn't get even a semi decent picture of it. Maybe next time.

This is Epicenter:

Here's Millenium Falcon:


Maui Moonlight:

Either Stairway to Heaven or Dover Beach:

Under the "Until-I-Figure-Them-Out" Category:

Lavender, not light blue

A medium lavender, not blue...

Here's my five bags full. Yes, that's right...chickweed from the iris....learned something...chickweed (tall and vigorous chickweed) tends to keep the area moist...iris don't appreciate, some of my culling has been done for me.

On that happy note ( least it, the chickweed, is gone...for now), I will get back into the garden. My back decided to give out yesterday (that is not allowed!) and I didn't get all the things planted I had intended. Today, pain reliever duly taken, I will attempt to get myself back on schedule. My intention is to have everything planted by the end of May! Won't that be great! (It's never happened...)...I'll be in Blacksburg tomorrow and, if I can swing it, I'll try to snag pics of the Hahn Horticulture Garden...I was there last May and it might be fun to compare...


Kylee said...

What beautiful irises!!!! I need to get some more this year.

A wildlife gardener said...

These irises are amazing! I'd love my garden to have more irises. Your photos are exquisite, as always.

Carol said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Your irises look great!

Chris said...

The irises are beautiful! I love the frilly ones. Great pics, thanks for sharing them.

Annie in Austin said...

Even if the colors don't show in the photos the way that you see them in the garden, they're still too beautiful. Japanese roof iris was on my wishlist for years - never did own one.

I have trouble with those pale flowers, too, Gotta Garden. Either it's not sunny enough or too sunny. One of my white ones came out better when I got between the sun and the camera and cast some shade on the flower. But it doesn't always work.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Entangled said...

What a collection! Just beautiful.

If your camera has an exposure adjustment (usually labeled EV), try setting it down a step or two. You could also try different white balance settings. These cameras have gotten way too smart ;-)

ginger said...

It is so nice to see a 'preview' of what is to come here! I don't have all those colors so thank you for sharing! Iris cristata is one of the best groundcovers I have found for dry shade. Great texture and with the bonus of flowers. I so enjoythe scent of the bearded iris.

Mary said...

This may seem crazy but I have admired iris all my life and have grown them in my gardens and unbelievably, I don't have any!

They're very pretty, Gotta. Your camera serves you well.

Oh, a ten-minute post would be a dream!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Good riddance to a lot of rubbish (chickweed)GG! Well done you! Your Iris collection is delectable. My complexion turned slightly green just looking at them. ;-)

CountryGirl said...

Your irises are wonderful! It is neat to have a bit of history in the garden! I found all your chickweed curious. I'm a bit North of you but I get it all around my irises as well. It doesn't really seem to like my other plants. I wonder why?

Ki said...

Good grief! Your yard must look like a botanical garden. Wonderful, wonderful irises. I wonder why they call it a Roof iris?

lisa said...

Wow...nice iris collection! I can't wait for daylily time!

Marc said...

Very pretty iris pictures!

Good luck with your back. I am battling the same thing! It is much harder to get the gardening done when your back doesn't bend down when you want and doesn't straighten back up when you're done!

Kate said...

I love the idea of having connections to the past in your garden ... the Iris tectorum is beautiful.

Your collection of Iris amazes me, as did your daffodils. I am really looking forward to the Daylily Days.

Those bags of chickweed are daunting. It's too bad there wasn't some redeeming value in chickweed.

If you ever master the perfect ten-minute post, please let me know!! Mine take ages ... and mostly it is because of the pictures!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Kylee...when they bloom, almost nothing tops's just the rest of the time...! Thanks, though!

Hi A Wildlife Gardener: You're so sweet! Thank you! If you were closer, I'd some of these will be leaving...

Hi Carol: Thank you!

Hi Chris: I should have more in a bit...I thought I'd combine them with some bits of Henry Mitchell..Thank you and you're welcome!

Hi Annie: We could try mailing you some! Still no sign of the white...I disturbed them last year...hope I didn't disturb the white out of existence!

Thanks, Annie...I do try that and it does help sometimes...but like with the iris is in shade and I still can't get it! Frustrating! I will blame it on the I should actually read the manual...

Oh sound very camera smart! I will have to check for that...thanks...and I think I will need that manual!

Hi Ginger...Thank you! Maybe you can tell me how to get the iris cristata to bloom more! I seem to just get a few blooms...what gives??

Hi you want some?? Lol! I figure those that survived the chickweed are pretty tough! I will keep a few (every day that goes up!)...but I have to make space...all these daylily seedlings around me need spots!

Hi YE...hard to imagine that! Comfort yourself with knowing that I am not tidy, have no garden structures to speak of and mismatch hardscaping that I do a bit of here and a bit there...Oh..and nice places to sit? One...okay, maybe two...but not inviting like yours! I love visiting your garden, even if it is virtual!

Hi Countrygirl....I think you are just lucky! I have it everywhere! I wasn't kidding when I have said I have to uncover my garden from the chickweed. I think now I have just four/five places to rescue. It's a job! And, there are all those billions of seeds left behind...what to do. I mean, there are products, but I am not so fond of them...and in some areas, I want things to reseed (just not chickweed!)...

Hi Ki, you of the arboretum! Lol! Well, that is high praise and I thank you! They actually do/did grow on roofs in Japan! Here's a very interesting link that tells all:

Hi Lisa: You and me both! I'm totally beside myself then! Thanks!

Hi Marc: That's so sweet! I am just...(grumbling)....not as young as I think I am! It annoys me to no end to have my body give out when my mind is so willing to continue! You're so right, take care, too. I suppose I should say my DH is doing the "I told you so" bit...he is always lecturing me, but with my slopes (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it), I don't see any other way... Thanks!

Hi Kate: I do, too! I saw someone's post about all the plants given to their garden and how they reminded of invididuals...well, I don't have too much of that...but then I realized I have plants that remind me of places rather than people! And, those are memories, too! My favorite thing to bring back is a plant!

You know, it is that sick personality of mine...the collecting!

Ha! I can only think of one picture and no words! Lol! Hmmmmm.

Thank you all!

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