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(Enough about's more about me...just kidding around...)

A native Virginian (born in Chincoteague, VA)....although I didn't return to live in Virginia until I was an adult...who appreciates, in Zone 7.  After stints living on the west coast (CA and WA) and even overseas (twice!), I'm happy to be where I am and not packing up to go somewhere else.

In my little patch (1/4 acre including the house), I manage to grow pretty much what I want to.  Of course, my wants change year to year.  I battle a steep slope, erosion (What? Check out these issues before planting?? Ha.  Sure, next time.), freeze-and-thaw, drought (political, usually, but don't start me on that...), orange clay, assaults from wildlife...even...sigh...from beloved pets.  Nothing stops me!  (I'll just find a way around it....whatever it is...).  Challenges are opportunities and if something dies, so be it.  There's always something else to try.

My gardening style evolves with me.  What I liked in the past...I may still like...however, I'm open to new ideas and new plants.  I no longer hesitate to take out things that fail to please me and/or refuse to thrive.

If you're new to my blog, you may not realize that while I like many many plants, I do...ahem....have a few favorites.  Daylilies top the list, but I also enjoy and collect Daffodils.  Fragrant shrubs are high on my list...well, fragrant plants in general.  When I first started collecting daylilies, I looked for fragrant ones...not realizing that many that are listed as fragrant really aren't.  Fortunately, that's not my primary reason for liking daylilies.

I also adore lilies, particularly orientals and orienpets.  Just in the past year I have begun to add lilies again.  I lost most of my orientals to lily virus a few years back.  Nasty thing.   The lesson there is to only buy from a trusted source.   You won't get the virus and you'll actually get what you desire. 

There are hostas here (Who doesn't like hostas??  Really??)...although I see I have lost several this year due to erosion in a shady area.  Ah I said before, there are more to try (or replace).  Initially, I just went for the fragrant hostas....not realizing how limited that would be and that I would have to stick my nose inside the blossoms to find any fragrance...Epimediums and hellebores interest me.  Heucheras, too...I'm on the lookout for new ones....enough of the same old, same old. 

Roses....I went through a rose phase (doesn't everyone?), I just have the English roses I hauled with me when we moved from Washington (don't ask..), a few heirloom roses and a few (the only way I buy roses now) own root roses.

I had the brilliant idea, I thought, to cover my fence with clematis.  Unfortunately, it has proved very difficult in some areas...although I do have probably some nine or ten different ones which have proven to be very tough and very reliable.

Each year, I insist on planting garlic.  I love garlic!  My goal is to...finally...acclimate several varieties to my environment.  Well, (laughing) it's pretty hard when you keep trying different varieties...I do love browsing a good garlic catalog!  In all seriousness, once you grow garlic, fresh is the only way to have it.

Chives also are a must have.  Parsley, too.  Most years I grow basil and I absolutely have to find spots for tomatoes!  Nothing beats tomatoes warm from the sun, rich and juicy.  In the last couple of years, I discovered lettuce (for spring) and now can't imagine not growing it.  Also peas! Yum!

But, back to daylilies...(ha) of my big interests is hybridizing and I eventually plan to turn most of my back yard over to my seedlings.  This is still a very small area compared to what most serious hybridizers grow; however, you use what you're got...besides, it's only me...and it's only for fun. 

With that, I'll end.  If you're not having fun with your garden, rethink it.  It should enthuse you, inspire you and revive you.  Nothing less will do.  

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