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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January....Early Blooms

I just couldn't resist. Remember the hellebore from the other day? It's fully open now and today was upturned...begging to have its picture taken, don't you think?

A speckled hellebore is also opening:

Here are some buds that will open soon:

Those tiny hardy cyclamen are also opening:

Very adorable. And look closer, there are more buds. Patches of Snowdrops are beginning to appear. Every Spring, I always wonder why I didn't plant can't have too many of these early delights.

It's been great fun to be outside and notice what's happening. Daffodil foliage is up (you know I like Daffodils!) and even some of the tulips are starting to emerge as well. We still have all of February, so I'm sure there's still some weather to deal with. Fortunately, these are all tough winter flowers and can handle whatever comes.

Still working on that Chanticleer...I haven't forgotten!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

January....Witch Hazels

Today I realized that I hadn't walked my garden in I don't know how long. I've missed it. Normally, I walk it at least twice a day, but I suppose I felt it was winter...and certain areas of my garden are difficult to access when the ground is messy (as it can be in winter). January is full of surprises. Two weeks ago, we had temps in the 70s...night before last, down to single digits. If I'm confused, I can only imagine how some of the plants must feel.

Sure enough, I did see a few that had tried to break dormancy. I patted them and talked to them (don't you?) and reminded them to hold off for a couple months, tempting though it might be. Let's hope they were listening.

Sam accompanied me on this walk through the garden.

(He looks so sweet here, doesn't he? Don't be fooled...I mean, he is sweet, but that demeanor hides one fierce hunter.)

He and his brother Leo are going through some difficulties. It seems they prefer to operate in shifts with me or else they fight (over me??).

Sam discovered the Ponytail grass (stipa) that I had written about previously. It has actually been planted and I wondered how long before he would find it! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for that part of our walk. Too bad, as it is hysterical the way he 'plays' with it. I hope these two survive his attention.

Well, it was in the backyard that I found today's surprise(s). Look what was just beginning to unfurl its blooms!

A witch hazel! Alas, an unscented one that will remain nameless as it is not the promised variety from the vendor at the plant sale several years ago. Still, I like it and we all have these plants we become fond of without knowing their details.

Seeing that one, I thought about my other....and realized it must, too, be in bloom.

Even with my nose in less-than-perfect-smelling-shape, I could smell the fresh clean scent from this one! Too bad I didn't see it sooner, as gathering by the spent blooms, it's been in flower for a while. It resides in the bottom of my area that doesn't get much attention and tends to be damp and muddy this time of year. I pretty much let the stuff down there take care of itself...and always think that I'll get to it one of these springs. Yeah.

I felt much better after my little stroll. Just like meditation or maybe yoga or even exercise, for some of us our gardens renew us. Note to self: try to remember this! I don't want to miss any little thing that goes on in my garden.

I really will get back to Chanticleer (and other places I still have to share)...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Around here...January 2008

Here's a little of what's going on around here this January. The Hellebores have begun. Here's the first one:

Some of the Daphnes are all budded up.

The Sweet Box has lots of buds and also berries:

Earning their name of Hardy Cyclamen (I don't think these are all the way settled in, make take them a year or so others are keeping their flowers under wraps for now):

Sometimes, I can smell these lemon blooms as I come down my basement steps. I'm happy to say that to this point, the Meyer Lemon is doing well (unlike last year when I left it to its own devices...which meant I was lucky it was still alive)...unfortunately, I don't have any bees in the basement.

We had some snow (all gone now)...I can't get over how different my front yard looks sans pear tree. That hump behind the bench is some of the mulch from it that I spread out a bit.

More Chanticleer upcoming!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Garden Viewing: English Cottage and Country Gardens

I haven't just been reading...I've been watching! Well, actually, I'm involved in a personal project that is very time consuming (such is life). But, anyway, I discovered that time exercising on my elliptical trainer seems to fly by when I'm watching something interesting. And, let's see...what would peak my interest? I wonder...

How about...gardens! You guessed! :-) I've stumbled across some delightful dvds that I'll tell you about now and then. The first one I want to share is called English Cottage and Country Gardens.

Besides beautiful gardens (a given), there are interviews with some of the actual gardeners...and those are priceless. Especially since this was not filmed recently (timeless, though)...however, you'll adore these gardeners and their gardens. It was the fastest 40 minutes I've spent exercising! And, you know what leaves you (me) with the nicest feelings...and who doesn't want to feel happy on a cold day??

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chanticleer Part 5

As we stopped in Part 4, we were heading around the house looking at some of the fabulous containers.

There are always choices at I go here? Or here? Or there?

The detail everywhere at Chanticleer is worth taking a second look.

This is what is off to the right in the above picture...wouldn't you like to rock here a while, too?

My nose brought me to this heavenly gardenia:

More pots:

We could head straight and go down those steps, but we're heading to the left:

The back of the house:

There's so much to explore here...


Well, I thought we'd make it to the pool area today, but there's just so doggone much to look at! We'll get there, though...and to lots of other wonderful areas of Chanticleer that are still waiting for us to explore.

If you missed Part 3, Part 2 or Part 1, just click on each of them.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe we're already a week into 2008. The weather here has been delightful, especially today where temperatures climbed above 70 degrees. I'm still working on getting the rest of my bags of mulch and Leaf Grow out. It looks like I have around 10-11 bags left, so I've made some progress.

My next project is starting the daylily seeds. Despite my efforts at cutting back (I did buy less this time, so that's something), I still seem to have some 72 crosses. There are more of my own this year, something I hope continues to increase each year. Each cross contains anywhere from a couple seeds to thirty-some in each cross. What fun I'll be having! It's great to dream of future blooms. Having lots of green growing in winter makes the time seem to go faster.

Some book reviews will be coming around directly. Another thing I like to do in, although, actually, I like to read pretty much all the time.

Next up, however, is another Chanticleer post. Chanticleer is one of the most amazing gardens I have ever been privileged to visit. I've also been looking back at pictures and there are quite a few things I've meant to show and haven't gotten around, never fear, there's lots to talk about in the next few months before Spring hits.
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