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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chanticleer, Part 3

It's time to return to Chanticleer! You remember Part 1 and Part 2, right? This is such an amazing place. Today, we'll see more. Let's go!

Stepping down, here's a nice place to rest...if we had the time, but we have so much to see...

A very nice hosta border with a path...

...but look what's ahead of us...Do you see it?

A little closer

(I'm such a tease...)

I don't know if you can tell from my pictures, but everything is wonderfully symmetrical

You know how I like benches:

This shows the care that is everywhere in this spectacular garden. Look above the bench (closer, just in case you thought it might be an ordinary bench...ha), there's a an opening that lets you peek at another spectacular view.

Some other views available to us:

We're leaving here now...but there is so much more to see! The pool and its gardens, the hydrangeas, the shady gardens (oh my!), the containers (works of art!), the rock gardens, the ponds, the cutting gardens and The Ruins (emphasis'll see why!). I think the only other place I have taken as many pictures (or nearly) was the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show Grand Pavilion (where we all retreated during the rain...but, that's a story for another post....)

Join me again, won't you, as we continue this visit to the one and only Chanticleer. (I won't be so long in posting Part 4!)


joey said...

Lovely post for this snowy time of year ...

Layanee at 'Ledge and Gardens' said...

I've yet to see that garden in person but it is definitely 'on the list'! Great and enticing photos especially as I watch the snow fall!

kate said...

That's what I love about your garden pictures - you always put in a bench or two!!

The garden look so exotic at this time of year ... I know I would love visiting here. I'm looking forward to seeing the ruins and the shade gardens. And the containers too!

MrBrownThumb said...

Funny you mentioned the symmetry because as I was looking at your pics I was thinking about that. You did a good job of taking them too. I like how you framed them in such a way so you didn't get lens distortion messing up the symmetry of the design.

thanks for the tour

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