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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good Bye Tree!

We're having our first snow of this season today. It seems early, but I heard on the news last night that today's snowfall is the fourth in six years on this exact, it isn't really.

But, the truly exciting news is that my Redspire Pear Tree is gone, gone, gone! I cannot believe how much it has opened things up (although I did expect it would)! Some other pruning was done and some large shrubs were removed. I'm very pleased! I used a company recommended by a neighbor and would highly recommend them (Mitchell Tree & Stump Service, Inc.) myself. They were great!

(Riley inspecting where the tree was...)

(The new and improved front view of my house...look, you can actually see it! All that's left of the Redspire Pear is that pile of mulch. You can't see them from here, but there are still lots of trees...not to worry.)

Some of you will be amused to know that one of them asked me if I would mind if they removed my tags in the front yard....a pause while I considered this (were they joking? I knew I should have made a map was actually my first thought!)....and then laughter broke out all around! They were all in on it and just wanted to see my reaction. Of course, they didn't remove any plant tags/labels! (Scary thought!)

Let's see...quite a bit is gone from the garden now...the tree, two snowball viburnums, a lilac, two butterfly bushes, the broom...and the star magnolia that was so infested with scale that just needs me to finish taking it out (I started, but haven't gotten back to it).

In addition, the crabapple was pruned, the saucer magnolia, the broken branch from the magnolia grandiflora, and the two maples in the backyard...all look much better!

Why do we procrastinate on these things?? (Don't answer!) Now, to get to the gutters and various other things...


jodi said...

Great that you got that tree down before the snow, Katie. And that's a funny story about the tags; I can imagine your face before they started laughing!
Why do we procrastinate....I know the answer...but I'll tell you later, when I get around to it. :-)

kate said...

What a good feeling it must be to get these things done before winter truly sets in. At least you don't have much snow on the ground ... although it looks chilly there.

Talk about procrastinating ... I am trying to finish writing a story and well, I just keep putting it off. Tonight I baked some cookies thinking they'd inspire me to write. Hmmm... didn't work, because now I'm reading blogs!

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