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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn Ongoing...

My goal has been to have a garden which always offers me reasons to explore it. Amazingly, I'm getting's what I found in the last day or so....

Spider Lily or Lycoris radiata.....

Japanese Anemones...

Heuchera Mahogany....I'm looking forward to seeing other Heucheras put on fall color. Last spring, I remarked that one of my daffodils, Mount Hood, had greatly reduced blooms...lots of foliage...a clear sign that the bulbs were crowded.

I checked my spreadsheet and in 2001, I planted two (!) bulbs....well, no wonder they were crowded:

It's hard to imagine, isn't it....all those bulbs where just two were planted. I was able to plant back some in the original spot as well as move quite a few to a new spot...and even filled a gallon pot about halfway up with the leftovers. Those, along with some of Flower Record (that was pictured in another post), and some unknown yellows will grace a neighbor's garden. Think of this...I've just begun digging daffodils...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost Autumn...

....and the gardenias are blooming!

Here's Kleim's Hardy:

and Chuck Hayes:

As you can tell, white is difficult to photograph. Maybe, though, you're smell them through the pictures. There's nothing like a gardenia for fragrance (unless it's a tea olive, winter daphne, etc....ha). I'm tickled with these as gardenias are rather difficult here. Both have been here several years now and I'm hoping they're getting used to things. Chuck Hayes has at least a dozen more buds. In fact, I suspect a couple more may be opening as I write. If they want to be fall bloomers, that's fine with me. Despite our water issues and harsh winters, it's pretty darn neat to see and smell gardenias by the front door!

Nearby is a clump of hardy cyclamen:

Among my many fall chores, I need to dig daffodils as some have outgrown their tight quarters. As an example, yesterday I dug out Flower Record. It started as maybe five bulbs in two spots...and look what it is now:

I was forced to tackle this one as one of my cats likes lying where these were planted and was constantly uncovering them. Well, no wonder when I realized how packed in they were. I suspect their tight growing conditions has helped to keep some of the bulbs smaller...they had no where to go. Well, now, they'll get spread out...and I can be the lucky recipient of a drift of Flower Record instead of two small clumps. Aren't daffodils great!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lewis Ginter in August

As promised, after enjoying Holly Shimizu's presentation, I did go outside to see what early August was like this year at Lewis Ginter.

It's always interesting to see what they've placed in the pots year to year:

This is one of the prettiest views:

Here's what is planted around the frog fountain:

Passion flowers were doing well:

Such an amazing flower to look at up close:

I like to see what they're bordering with:

More containers:

Info on The Healing Garden with pictures to follow:

This looks interesting:

We'll have to look at that container a bit closer:


Moving along:

I like to look at the long borders:

I'd heard that the Rose Garden had been redone and that it was supposed to marvelous.

I can't begin to tell you how shocked I was to walk upon sweeps of Knockout roses:

All the lovely heirloom or collector type roses were gone. In their place, sweeps of Knockouts or other apparently easy care roses had been installed. It's no longer a rose garden for discoveries or to appreciate classic roses. No, it's now one for what...easy care and photo backgrounds? Later, when I found a notice directing guests to a wedding, I though, "ah ha"....I guess the rose garden needs to earn its keep or better yet, exceed its keep.

I couldn't wait to move on. It really dismayed me. It seemed so unoriginal, so uninspiring. I'm really glad that I got to see the old one last's gone forever.

Another disappointment, along this very shady border were struggling daylilies. One would guess they were planted when more sun was available, before trees and shrubs filled in. Now, the daylilies, dutifully marked, were little blades of last gasp before they die out. Doesn't anybody realize they need to be moved??

Apparently not. But, anyway, the shade areas are still interesting.

If ever I needed the tranquility of the Japanese Garden, it was now. Many times I've photographed this exact spot. It's just so lovely.

Love the contrast of colors here...and it's not even Fall....yet...

Another favorite check in spot is looking at their Japanese Maple see where mine is headed:

As always, my time runs our here and I need to start the trek back home. Gardens are always changing, just like people. You still love them, even though you may not like every aspect about them. One last look before we head out:

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