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Saturday, May 31, 2008

It Begins! Daylilies 2008

It's official....the 2008 Daylily season in my garden has begun....

Here's LACY BORDER (2006 Stamile Tet) and below AERIAL APPLIQUE (2006 Lambertson Tet)...

Both of these are new arrivals and are blooming in the pot ghetto. They'll really shine when they're planted and all settled in.

WAITING IN THE WINGS (2000 Stamile Tet), below, is the very first for this year of my daylilies to bloom. I almost missed it!

I've had my eye on three others that I thought would be first...just goes to show you!


I've had on my traveling shoes this month (May) and that means lots of pictures! I fear I will never catch up (whatever that is), so I'll just jump in wherever and whenever I can. There are several things I'm working on in draft as well as trying to get back to Chanticleer (one of these days). My current biggest project is the 2008 AHS National Convention. It was nine gardens in two days...daylily heaven (thanks to my DH who sent me to Houston for the convention as a belated birthday present!...He's the best!) give you some idea, I'm working on the second of the nine gardens. I'm also getting used to a new camera, so stay tuned.

But, really....once the daylilies start, is there anything else?? (Just kidding) (sort of)
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