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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Snowdrop in Bloom!

While it may seem early (or late) to some, it never fails to amaze me how timely things can be in the garden. Take a look here and note the date.

I was thinking that I should note the weather, too. It has been an up and down December so far; however, there have been wonderful days to work outside. Today, there is an expected high of 48 degrees with a low of 32. The forecast for the next ten days is similar. Checking the averages for December, it seems they are 48 and 31, amazingly.

Still, there's still the same thrill at the finding the "first"...or, at this time of year "any"! If you looked, I haven't found a Hellebore in bloom (yet), but I'll do a better look around today.


A wildlife gardener said...

Fantastic! I LOVE snowdrops! We are sitting at minus 12 today...brr! brr!

Andrea's Garden said...

That is great! I haven't seen snow on the ground long enough and here you are finding snowdrops. I hope mine return, too. Thanks for sharing, Andrea

Piondröm said...

I,m from Sweden and we dont have any snow in the part I live.
I wonder where in America you have your garden, beacouse many of your plants groves in my garden.
Its fanny to find, and see outher gardens in oudher countries.

You can go in and look on my gardenblog in Sweden, you cant anderstand any of the text but you can look at the pictures. and I be glad if you leve a coment.
Sorry for my english;)
Best regards and Marry Christmas

Entangled said...

How cool! Just yesterday I went looking for signs of snowdrops and found the shoots just barely poking above the dirt. I cleared the leaves away from them in hopes the sun would encourage them.

kate said...

That is just amazing - two years in a row! The snowdrop is beautiful to see. I wish I could see the ground again.

Have a lovely holiday season and I hope you find a Hellebore in bloom!!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

How cute! I haven't found a snowdrop or a hellebore here, either, but it generally does happen a month or two later here than in your neck of the wood, of course. :)

Hope you have a wonderful holiday...

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