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Friday, December 14, 2007

It Came, It Came!

I had regretted not purchasing this dvd when I visited Chelsea in '06. So, if you go to a special show in the future, think about purchasing the dvd then...and not having to fret about it later!

At the time, I thought that all of my pictures would suffice, but I quickly realized how nice it would be to see the exhibits without all the crowds. It also affords you the time to linger that you might not get at the show as well. Plus, it's just a very nice keepsake...who knows if I'll ever get back!


Barbara said...

Enjoy seeing this DVD! I watched the daily reports on BBC this year....Interesting!
Have a nice weekend! Regards from Switzerland!

kate said...

Somehow I think you will go back again - at least I hope you do. I would love to see it sometime.

That is a wonderful present!

Kylee said...

As you may or may not know, my mom and I dearly want to attend the Chelsea Flower Show. I should see about getting one of these DVDs. I'm sure she would love seeing it!

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