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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chanticleer, Part 2

Chanticleer, located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, is described as a 'pleasure garden'. That's an understatement. If you can dream it, you can visit Chanticleer and see that horticulture fantasy become reality.

Today, we'll just see a teeny tiny portion. It's a good place to begin.

Remember I told you about the seating areas? I had hardly turned the corner when I saw this one.

We're going into a courtyard area...let me just tell you, it represents a unique area in the garden (one of many).

A small garden within a garden:

Need a seat?

Don't forget to look up:

Here's where we turn:

Closer on the containers:

Did you notice the grouping at the end?

I bet you saw it, too...

Clematis Armandii

Well, with necessity out of the way (use your imagination), we'll see a few more views here.

Did you notice what's on the trellis (there's one on each side)? A Dendrobium Orchid...

Looking back through:

In case you need to rest a minute...

This will lead us into another area...there are so many things to see here! In Part 3, we'll move on into the garden itself...


kate said...

I can't quite decide which bench I liked the best. They are all beautiful spots to sit for a spell.

The big green pot is spectacular. I'm looking forward to reading your part 3!

I have been smiling ever since you wrote about your daughter's school mascot being a squirrel.

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

I'm with you! The benches are fantastic. In fact, the whole thing is fantastic. So fantastic I think I need to sit down. Where's a garden bench when I need one! ~A :-)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oh wow. Wow. WOW. Here I've been worried about having too much silver in my garden. Instead, I should have been trying to figure out how best to work in more.


Mary said...

Love the silvery courtyard garden - such a great design.

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