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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Dena Marie's Sister:



Violet Veil:

Lilacs for Galadriel:

Kirsten's Corsage:

Ties and Tails:

Carnival in Mexico:

ffo on Yellow Sledgehammer, a very tall daylily:

A Bodacious Pattern:

Pink Super Spider:

Cool Morning Mist:

Spacecoast Cool Deal:

Never Never Land clutching a bud:

Purples Playing well....Fellow and Lavender Fantasia:

On my to-do show you a garden with 1000 varieties of daylilies (no, not all of them! Lol! just an overview...and what a gardener this person is!)....that's probably all I'll have time to get to as I'm going to the Regional this weekend...and the real to-do list around here includes getting Sam the Cat back to the vet for his allergies, gardening at the MWH (I'm bringing them some daylilies for the program this Sat...which I'll miss, sadly...and more iris), figuring out what my family will eat while I'm gone, mapping out my route, errands, errands, errands...and packing. It would also be nice to finish getting iris I want gone out and getting some of these poor daylily seedlings planted in the space. Dream on!


Kylee said...

I love 'Pink Super Spider' and 'Never Never Land'! My daylilies are blooming now, too, and I need to photograph them and post the pictures.

Thanks for sharing!

kate said...

Reading your 'to do' list makes me want to have a nap! Where is the Regional being held? You probably mentioned it in a past post - do you take some daylilies with you?

I hope Sam feels better soon ... allergies are no fun!

It's a 'Carnival in Mexico' kind of day I think ... by tonight, in this heat, I will likely be wanting to enjoy the soothing tones of 'Lilacs for Galadriel'.

Your collection is endless, and I am trying to imagine what a garden with 1,000 daylilies looks like!!

Enjoy your trip!

Crafty Gardener said...

I love all the different daylilies.

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