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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Talent on Display

Is this not incredibly gorgeous???

For those you of that read along, you know that I belong to a group of volunteer gardeners. It is an interesting group of people who, besides being great gardeners, are full of surprises. This awesome chair is the original design and needlepoint of one of Mary's Gardeners. She created this! I should tell you and it will come as no shock to you that it was a People's Choice Award Winner at a needlepoint show at a major historic site . No kidding!

(Thanks, B for holding up the back of the chair!)

Our artist...she truly is...has many talents. Here's one of her paintings:

A woman of extraordinary talent, she had us over after gardening to a "little" lunch (you can imagine...think Texas and think big...and more importantly, think delicious!!) to see her garden, then arranged a rose garden tour of a nearby neighbor's garden...from there took us to her log cabin lake house to see her garden by the lake...and concluded with another tour of a neighbor at the lake's native plant garden. It was quite a day!

Thank you so much, F! Your gardens are wonderful...and so are you!


kate said...

GG - you do the most incredibly interesting things. This is a gorgeous needlepoint chair... both the front and the back. And besides having the opportunity to view this, you have a delicious lunch and get to tour gardens.

Would I ever love to paint like that. That painting is amazing.

Speaking of painting, I'm glad that your class will be on for the fall! We can always hope!!

Bev said...

How absolutely amazing! Never seen anything like that chair. And... that! What a wonderful group to be a part of.

Layanee said...

WOW that is a chair!! I'd have to sit across from it so I could admire it. Thanks,

Andrea's Garden said...

You stay busy, don't you? The painting and chair look great. I have never seen a chair like that. Take good care and have a nice weekend. Andrea

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That painting is mouth watering and that chair!!!! Wow!!!! What a creative person she is.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Kate! It will just be hope...for! Still, there's the pleasure aspect...

I was blown away at how talented she is...truly. I took pictures of several of her paintings to email to one of our gardengroup for his daughter, who also is an artist. It's another reminder to me of just how fascinating people can be! I like to think (laughing) that just maybe some of this talent will rub off! Ha! Well, artists are such interesting people, aren't they? You should know, as I have seen some of your work on your blog! (More, please!)

I really liked what you did with your cabinets! I thought that maybe something like that might help mine...but, I've done nothing...and sit here waiting for a small fortune to drop in my lap for a kitchen re-do!! (No dropping has occurred or is slated to! Lol!)

You know, Bev, I do pinch myself sometimes. Today is garden day for the group, but it is so doggone hot and by the time I get some watering done here, well, it's really too late (and too hot...did I mention that??!! Lol!) Fortunately, it's an easy going group and you just come when you can.

Hi Layanee: I know! Something kinda funny, she pointed out a small stain (I wouldn't even have noticed) from a grandchild...very casual about it! So, it's used and not treated like the piece of art it is!

Hi Andrea: I try...or sometimes, I just get lucky. I feel fortunate to live in an area with things somewhat nearby...and a curiosity to go see!

Indeed, YE, indeed! Although, I bet you have such around you...

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