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Friday, July 13, 2007

Blooms for Friday the 13th

Orchid Corsage:

Cameroons Twister:

Polar Bear Express:

Alicia Rose Kissed:

Lake Norman Spider:

Wedding Band:

Lola Branham:

Janice Brown:


Chesapeake Crablegs:

Fun in the Sunshine:

Rebloom on Royal Eventide:

Music of the Master:

Tommie Lee Joiner:

Pearl Harbor:

Highland Lord:

Big Kiss with buds of Final Touch (still to bloom) in the background:

Spacecoast Starburst:

Fossil Record:

August Frost:

Pink Embroidery


Carol said...

I really like 'Lake Norman Spider'. I thought I liked double daylilies, but I seem to be attracted more to the ones with narrow petals.

Don't forget garden bloggers' bloom day on the 15th!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

'Polar Bear Express' works for me, Gotta Garden... guess it's a little spidery, too, isn't it.

The cultivar names are as fancy as the flower shapes. There are so many of them, it must be like naming racehorses!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Wrenna said...

Fossil record is incredible. It's going on my wish list!

Barbara said...

Wow, so many and so beautiful daylilies! And they are all growing in your garden? Wonderful. I've just started to collect this plant, but they are still tiny, little beauties! Enjoy your garden! Greetings from Switzerland.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Well, I've got some daylilies too, finally! Which ones? Well, go have a look at Bliss. ;-)

MrBrownThumb said...

Your blog is dangerous. I'm not one for daylilies but every time I come around I see some daylilies that I would love to grow.

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks for the reminder, Carol! I am so forgetful that it really did help! Some of the spiders and unusual forms are very appealing...they grow on you and then you think...I just gotta have some! The heat tends to make some of them really pinch and curl.

Hi Annie: The hybridizer can name the flower whatever he/she wants, providing the AHS Registrar approves (or it hasn't already been used), people get quite creative!

Polar Bear Express was new last year and didn't bloom for me. I was eager to see it but must say it is a bit more yellow than I expected. The same hybridizer has one called Heavenly Angel Ice (that he sent as a bonus...nice man!) that is much whiter. I gather it is difficult to clear yellow tones from a white. There are some with pinkish tones now, too. At any rate, PBE is a fun flower and good size, especially for a first year bloom.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hi Wrenna: The hybridizer, Margo Reed, is here in VA and along with her husband, Jim Murphy, specializes in the spideries and unusual forms. It is only in its first year of bloom here (didn't bloom for me last year) and I expect it will continue to approve. I think a clump will be quite something!

Hi Barbara...I hope you will enjoy your daylilies! They bring me much pleasure. I have way too many for my little yard, so I am pretty much constantly thinking of how I will do things differently! Not that I will, of course...just thinking...but there is something to be said for growing things really well vs growing in quantity.

Oh YE, I will have to come have a look! I hope you had fun picking them out...decisions, decisions! Welcome to daylilies! Glad you're back!

Hi Mr. Brown Thumb! I have meant to email you! I am so bad about that. Anyway, thanks!

Thank you all very much for coming by!

lisa said...

Beautiful blooms! Now I have some additions to my want list, especially Polar Bear Express and Fossil Record!

Kylee said...

I'm in love with all your spiders!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Lisa: Thanks! Polar Bear Express is by Jamie Gossard in Columbus, should do well for you. I have a couple others of his and I like them all very much! In fact, I'm looking to acquire a few more, since these impressed me.

Fossil Record is by Margo Reed. This is its first year to bloom (as is PBE), and I look for it to improve...Email me, if you like, for further info.

Hi Kylee: They do grow on you! Some of them really show change in the heat, e.g., the pinching and twisting/turning really gets going! Desert Icicle and Velvet Ribbons were two of my best performers this year...and will go on my popularity poll vote!

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