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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today's Daylily Clumps 070107

Please Say Yes:

Hildred West, a GIGANTIC daylily...that sometimes will poly:

Cameroons Twister:

Hyperion Elite:

China Bride:

Peggy Jeffcoat:

All Fired Up:

Siloam Plum Tree...darker than this shows:

Palladian Pink:

Woodside Amethyst:

Lavender Illusion:

Indian Giver, mixing with friends:

Desert Icicle:

Numinous Moments

Heady Perfume:

Prince Hal...look at all the buds still to open:

I'm probably at peak bloom now, so I'm totally distracted! Daylilies should be blooming through July and some into August. We'll see who reblooms this year as well. I'm looking forward to seeing just how late the latest ones bloom!


Jean said...

Beautiful lilies! So many pretty shades and styles.

Mark said...

Do you like day lilies then!!!!

joey said...

Again this summer, though overjoyed to visit my lake house for 2 weeks, I'm a bit bummed out pulling out of the driveway leaving my daylilies sporting their lovely faces without me to enjoy and photograph their 1 day of life. I miss the peak performance of some of my favorites ... so I popped in to enjoy your lavish garden, always amazing!

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

I don't have one of these. I really like the purple color of Indian Giver. It looks great next to the blue gernaium. I'm looking for dark ones now. I have too many pinks, and yellows. I'm off to a field of daylilies tomorrow. Can't wait.

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, Jean!

Yep, Mark, just a tad!

Thank you, Joey, that's so nice. And, I know just what you mean. I miss my garden terribly when I am away. Hope you have a wonderful time at your lake house! I'm sure it has its own delights.

Hi Marie: I hope your visit today is spectacular! Indian Giver (despite the name) is a very nice daylily. We gotta have all kinds, right!

Thanks for coming over, everyone!

Ki said...

I love Please Say Yes. Great color. I am impressed with your daylily collection.

I went to the American Hemerocallis Society to look at different flowers but 58469 different cultivars of daylilies was daunting to say the least. So, I looked at a couple of pages and stopped.

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