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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seven Random Things About Me

Having been tagged by Marc over there at Garden Desk and having read his seven random things (you should, too), here are mine:

  1. I live in denial. Yes, you know this. Obviously, anyone who crams the number of plants into the size yard I have clearly believes she has acreage she doesn’t. Or that it will magically increase and while it’s doing that, will also be flat.
  1. I garden in not out. What do I mean by this? I garden for me. I don’t care what it looks like when you drive by. It’s not for you, it’s for me. If I could, I would just as soon have high fences all around (good fences do make good neighbors, after all) and my own private Eden inside. That would make walking around the front yard in my pjs so much easier. One day, I will write at length about this…the gardening in/out, not the walking around in pajamas.
  1. I’m the person in the garden center with the dirty clothes. I actually do clean up, but can’t be bothered to when I need something quick for my garden and I’m heading back into it. Besides, it’s like being incognito…people don’t recognize you when you’re in your garden grungies…on the other hand, that’s probably when you do see everyone you know.
  1. I am entirely disorganized except where it comes to my plant collections (you know I like labels). And my spices. And my garden books. Don’t even ask me where something is. It’s there. Somewhere.
  1. I collect magnets. Amazing, right. My favorite things to bring back from a trip are an interesting plant (you wouldn’t have guessed that, I’m sure) and a been-there-done-that magnet. My downstairs refrigerator is covered with them (well, mainly on one side…that way, they don’t get knocked off when someone opens the doors).
  1. I am a rules person. I wait my turn in line. If the grocery line says 15 or less, I wouldn’t dream of having 16 items (I see you out there…those of you who apparently can’t read). I do not understand rules that say one thing but in practice mean something else. Say what you mean. I also have difficulties with this in conversation. A common occurrence with my DH is him saying, “But, I meant…” and my saying, “But, you said…” There is one murky area here, but I am saving that for a new blog I may some day start. However, since I can’t even keep up with this one, who knows when that will be.
  1. Dare I confess this? Okay, I think I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame Andy Warhol said we’d all get. This one will throw you, I know. I was a Pillsbury Bake Off Finalist. Now, I didn’t win the one million dollars, but I was one of 100 finalists and had a great time. I’m not telling you what year! I gotta have some privacy…besides I do not photograph well.

So, was this random enough? I hope so. And, Marc, I hope I didn’t disappoint you. It was very sweet of you to describe me as nice. I can be nice (lol). Thank you for picking me (I think!...just kidding!).

Now, the hard part. I was never good at picking teams in school. One year, my middle school band director told me to organize the flute section for the spring concert. I just didn’t have the heart to decide who sat where, so I let everybody sit where they wanted. Except one person. Pressured by the other girls, I moved one girl to the second row. It was so wrong and still haunts me. OMG, did I just reveal more about myself?? This is too scary.

Okay, so, who wants to do this? Don’t everyone raise your hand at once. Tag, you’re it. If you do want to play, please leave me a comment (or even if you don’t want to play, I love comments). The rules (hehe) are here and thanks for not pointing out that I am not quite following them (We call that The Exception Rule):

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to then report this on their own blog with their 7 random facts as well as these rules. They then need to tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They are also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

Thank you for reading along.


kate said...

This was great! I am struck by how much alike we are in our gardening ... you put words to the idea of gardening for oneself. So many people don't understand this and really don't get that I simply don't care what anyone else thinks - it is what nourishes me and that is enough in my mind.

I'm with you on fences and the reaons behind my current trellis-building kick. I do go out in my pyjamas all the time and wander about even though some neighbours can see me. I really don't care and they don't seem to either.

Running off to the garden centre to pick up something ... yesterday I had been moving some dirt and then off I went with my yucky baseball cap and dirty overalls and messy shoes. And I bumped into someone from my fiddle group. Neither or us was fazed in the least.

Now on the baking front ... um, I admire that. I wish you'd cough up the year. That is so cool!

Could you take a pic of your magnet collection? I'd love to see them. I have many but I don't collect them. Most of them are gifts - my son buys them for me usually on Mother's Day. Actually they are for him, but I like that he's learned about giving gifts that he can appreciate too!

The only difference in our gardening styles is that I don't label anything, although I save labels and put them in a wicker basket. There is such a large pile that I look at it and put it back into the cupboard. My idea originally was to use watercolour to paint splotches and number them so that I would know exactly what went where. (having the same cramming problem myself, this didn't work so well. It definitely did not look like those pictures in the book where there is a suitable distance between tasteful little paint dabs.)

And like you, I am not good with picking people ... having never been good at baseball, I think I'm still scarred from being the last person left to be picked and then having the team captains (both boys) argue about who had to take me (I had a bad problem of wandering off to check out bugs etc. when I was stuck in the outfield).

Apple said...

I have an acre and I think it will take forever for me to fill it up. I have a nice little strip along the front but the real garden is on the sides and back of the house where I can enjoy them.

I'm a rules person too :-)

A Bake Off finalist! I'm impressed. I can barely find the kitchen.

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