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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Not The Quantity...

but the quality, right! (Now where is that garden trug to display veggies when you need it??)


lisa said...

You definately have some quality there!

Wrenna said...

I'm jealous of your orange peppers. I looked everywhere for orange pepper plants this year and couldn't find any. It was too late to start some from seed.

Carol said...

Very high quality, I'd say!

Dirty Fingernails said...

They all look good, but that yellow bell pepper caught my eye right away.

UKBob said...

Yes definately. You're better off with one of your own tasty tomatoes than a bag full of supermarket ones. Bob.

Marc said...

Those look great!

What kind of tomatoes are those? How is your Eva Purple Ball doing?

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, thanks, Lisa! It's not much, but it's mine!

Hi Wrenna: I got lucky prowling the local HD. The bell peppers haven't been great producers...yet...just a pepper here and there. I'm sorry you didn't find one...

Carol...well, not much compared to your harvests, but I'm okay with it!

Hi Dirty Fingernails (love that...don't we all have those!): I know, the colored peppers are so fun. One year, amazingly, I actually had a nice assortment and my DH had me put them on a platter so he could take pictures (you'd have thought we had never seen peppers before!)! It was too funny!

Hello UKBob: So right! Now, if I could just get a bagful of my own!

Hi Marc: I'm a bit chagrined to admit that the round one is Champion and the other is called Old Thyme Tasty (or something like that)...both from HD. I discovered something that I surely should have known...Those two came home and got planted almost immediately...and they are far out-producing everyone else. I think because of that...that they got planted immediately. All the others had to sit for a while in the pot ghetto and it seems it took them longer to get going.

That said, they are all outgrowing my stakes and I don't know how/if they will be able to carry those tomatoes! Next year, I will have to figure out something else/better. Should I admit that in the past, I've let them wander along the ground (it worked)...but now that I have them so neatly staked, it's a long ways to the ground!

Eva seems to be doing well! Thanks for asking! That's a particularly difficult one to stake, since everything is growing every which way (I didn't have the heart to remove anything after the near-tragedy). There are tomatoes to come! Those will be especially tasty, don't you think?

I have compost tomatoes growing in several places. I've pulled most of them, even though they seem so healthy...because they are growing on top of things (daylilies!!). There are a few I've left, though, because they got up and going so good and even have little tomatoes...if they had tomatoes, they got to stay! Interesting, to see when they germinate and how fast they grow. Nature's schedule is different from ours. Any I find now are easier to pull because there really isn't time for them to produce effectively. Summer is flying by! I'll have to get over and see how yours are doing (great, I'm sure!).

Thanks for your comments!

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