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Friday, June 29, 2007

June....Racing By Much Too Quickly...

June is such a full month, isn't it? I'm just going to jump in and share some pictures from today.

Rose of Sharon, Blue Bird (Hibiscus syriacus)...although I removed almost all of the Rose of Sharons in my yard, I saved this one (it would be hard to get it out plus, I like the color) and a double one.

An Orienpet, Silk Road:

Monarda didyma 'Raspberry Wine' blooming at least two weeks later than everyone else's around here...I suppose that's what you get when you plant it in less than full sun...

The seed pods of the hardy cyclamen I showed you a couple weeks ago have opened...and the cyclamen are finally deciding to go dormant.

One of my favorite summer perennials, Helenium 'Mardi Gras' just looks like a party going on to me...and never fails to cheer me.

A reseeding annual (an understatement if you have this!), Balsam or Touch Me Not...

Another view inside a Magnolia Grandiflora bloom, courtesy of my hanging I got there before all the pollinators and after I took this picture, I cut it and brought it inside. They only last a day...and the fragrance is light, sweet and oh so pleasant.

The daisies are blooming away

A Summer Daffodil or Peruvian Daffodil, Hymenocallis festalis:

Okay, even though I have hundreds (not kidding) of daylily photos to share (I have to organize them first...and who has that time in the marvelous month of June, I ask??!)...I'm going out on a bit of a limb and am going to show you where some of my daylilies grow. I'm not a big weeder, so no comments on those, and yes, I could use hardscaping (slowly, but surely I am working on that)...but, hey, is a garden ever done?? Is there ever a time when all the chores are done (not here)? So, I ask you to ignore the we go...

If you were standing in front of my home, this is what you'd see on the left side of the front yard.

Other than my seedlings, there isn't an area that just has daylilies. There are always lots of other things mixed in with them. If you look at the back of the above picture, you can just see my fence. Here's what's in front of the fence.

That's my neighbors' home on the left. I am so lucky to have neighbors who appreciate the flowers and are just the nicest people. On the right side of the circle...

The middle or back

Looking across on the upper right side

This is a tiny sliver of a look on the other side of my front yard (garden is all over) other neighbors are also very nice, but have a dog that likes mulch, so the fencing and all is well...

We're kinda skipping around, but you can at least see some things. We're in the backyard now.

That's all for now. Wait until you see some of these daylilies up close! Some were having quite the day, today, and I can hardly wait to show you...but, I have to do some other things....I still have about four gardens to show you that I've seen...who knows when I'll get to that...maybe winter??!...and I'm off tomorrow to tour two daylily gardens that will be open. Are you ready for July?? It's almost it just me, or is this summer just rushing by?


A wildlife gardener said...

I think your garden is a dream with all those marvellous day lilies. The perfume must be heady when it's hot, and in the evenings too. They must attract lots of moths and butterflies and insets generally. I love the day lilies in your previous post...simply divine!

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

These pictures of your daylily gardens are wonderful. There's something about daylilies that makes my heart skip a beat (much like my husband, Duane.)

BTW, I see that you are an Outlander fan. I am too. Late to the series, just working on book 6 now. Fantastic.

Chitweed said...

The daylily gardens are wonderful. I am a fan of them as well. I see that you have taggging system going in the garden...that is something I MUST get better at, some names are lost to me forever.
Very nice blog! I'll be back...

Apple said...

What a great tour! How long have you spent getting to this point? Everything looks so well established. My first week of vacation was gone much too quickly and I suspect the next two will fly by too.

Annie in Austin said...

So your garden makes a framework and setting for the Day lily collection... I'm so glad you posted this, Gotta Garden! The vast numbers of cultivars seem impossible to integrate into a home garden when you see them on paper, but the effect is quite splendid in real life.
Do people in your neighborhood knock on the door and ask for a tour? I might be that bold!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gotta Garden said...

Thank you, A Wildlife Gardener! In the evenings, the trumpet lilies, especially, but the orienpets, too (not many orientals yet) are very fragrant. My DH even notices it! I love fragrance in the garden!

See, Marie, what we have in common! Those books are addictive and then we pine for the next one! That is so sweet about your husband!

Hi Chitweed! Oh, I hope you will come back! Yes, I couldn't do without my labels. It gets worse and worse, I'm afraid. Once you get used to them (and you see them at all daylily gardens), they seem rather!

Lucky you, Apple, on vacation! I hope you have a marvelous time and a good rest. How long? Well, it's hard to say. The very first things (trees) I planted in 1994. But, we moved away a couple times and had renters a couple times. So, let's see, back to stay in really, from there. You know how it is, though, it's always changing...and never done! Thanks!

Well, Annie, if it was you, I would accommodate! Lol! I'm very shy about my garden and it took a great deal to put those up. I think it's hard for most people to imagine that number of daylilies, but when you're around the daylily obsessed (as you tend to be when you're one yourself!), it's just the way it is.

I was at a marvelous daylily garden on Sat...over 1000 (can you imagine that!) water features, a pond, shade was so awesome. I took pictures and will get to them. It was pointed out to me (and okay, it did make be feel that the owner does have help, i.e., a gardener and others. Whew.

Anyway, thank you all!

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