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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just Trying to Keep Up!

A few of today's:

Kitty Wells:

Wild Horses:

Mandalay Bay Music:

Awesome Blossom:

Charming Charlie:

Midnight in Marrakesh:

NOT Hyperion NOID showing poly:

Another we've seen, but look at the burst of blooms (five)...Waiting in the Wings:

(nice bags of mulch)

Christine Dixon with lots of blooms...these are very large blooms:

Today's Daylily Seedling...don't know quite what I think of this one. It's actually peachy in color which I didn't expect...the parents are both very nice pinks....Cindy Jones x Crystelle's's a big bloom (around 6 inches) with large petals (like yesterday's) has a lot of substance, like Crystelle's Love, I suppose....plant habit: well, it hasn't quite split into two and only has 2 way branching (which could definitely improve with time) does have a prolif...but, I'm just don't know...fortunately, I'll keep all of them another year before I make any hard decisions.

Isn't this interesting! I've been thinking the hardy cyclamen were going to go dormant (obviously they haven't yet) ...when what should my eyes see?? Seed pods! I hope they do produce more as they are neat plants and more would be merrier!

I also think I saw hellebore seedlings! It's the same area but I couldn't get a good picture...maybe when they get a bit bigger (I hope they're not weeds!).

Yesterday I got to visit an AHS Display garden where real hybridizing is going on! I took some pictures and will try to get that up soon.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.


Curtis said...

Your sure have a nice selection of Day lillies.

Carol said...

I love seeing all the daylilies, it has me thinking I need to get some new varieties for my garden.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Whaddya mean "real" hybridizing? I think you're doing some real good work there yourself, GG! :) The frilly yellow flower is beautiful.

By the way, I've never seen seed pods on hardy cyclamen before. They look pretty cool.

Kate said...

What incredible colours! It just keeps getting better and better. The names are quite something - pretty soon you'll be having to come up with some names for the ones you create!

Layanee said...

Great pictures...more for my list!

Mary said...

Good selection of day lilies! Great photos, too. Is your garden growing to quickly?

Dawn said...

Gorgeous Daylilies. I love the first one with its ruffled petals.

sisah said...

What a wonderful collection, I wrote down a few names, maybe I find a nursery here in Germany where I could get some of these beauties.Are you -besides collecting- also breeding daylilies?

Ki said...

Your Kitty Wells is a beaut. No wonder you use a daylily as your avatar. Pretty cool about your cyclamen producing seed!

gardenmomma (Chris) said...

What wonderful day lilies! Great photos!

Gotta Garden said...

Thank you, Curtis!

Remember these are just some of the early ones...there's still mids and lates! Try to get some of each for your garden...if you decide to (how could you not?!)'ll enjoy the extended show.

You're sweet, BS_G, and I truly appreciate it...but I am just playing around, just beginning...not anywhere close to what is happening in the daylily world!

Yeah, I thought so, too. I actually went to Wikipedia to look them up...and thought, hmmm, maybe my picture isn't so bad, after!

Hi Kate: That's a long ways off and a big if for me...but it is fun to think about! I just love this time of year...every day is new and different...I never know what I'll see! The show should go on quite a while as it is just getting started. Peak for me will probably be around July 4th.

Oh the lists ever end?! I know mine doesn't! Thanks!

Mary, it has run away from me! Lol! Oh well. You do what you can and it manages, somehow! Thanks, though!

Hi Dawn...Kitty Wells is really a spectacular daylily. She hasn't reached her full potential as I only have two fans...imagine an established clump! Awesome! Thanks!

Hi Sisah: Well, I am trying...mostly for fun. The collecting is way out of! I just peeked outside and I have three seedlings in bloom! Two have bloomed before, but one is brand new...that's where I'll go first thing when I get out of my!

Hi Ki: Thank you! I agree...I hadn't see it/them was kinda wild to see them there. You can probably guess that of all my plant collecting...dayliles rule!

Hi Chris: Thank you so much! You'll have to come back...because there are more and more and!

lisa said...

Wow...Christine Dixon is really pretty!!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Lisa: And, I'm impressed with her blooming power this year! She's still going strong!

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