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Friday, June 15, 2007

Heavy on...You Guessed It...Daylilies!

These are from yesterday and the day before. Gotta move fast these days!

A nearly perfect daylily...and on a first bloom (for this year)...Walking in Beauty:

Susan Pritchard Petit:

Steve Trimmer:

Appsian Rhapsody, finally opening up a bit better:

Destined to See:

Tiger's Eye:

Wineberry Candy, probably my most floriferous daylily:

You can see why here...there's a bloom on each end...just look at all those buds:

Loves Spills Over...another dreamy flower...this is a FFO...we'll revisit some of these as time goes on to see the changes as they shake off those early blooms which, on some, don't nearly reflect what they can do.

A monster sized flower...Humdinger:

A cute little double I received as a bonus last year, Vi:

Vesuvian Blackout...yes, it really is that dark:

Wren Song's first bloom for this year...just wait, the edge will develop and get knobs:

Cerulean Star is a tall one:

No More Tears, one of four Karol Emmerich daylilies I added last fall. I hope this one reblooms or I may have tears, it only has a couple buds:

Something Wonderful...still pretty nice, I think this was my first one with a gold edge...and I did think it was Something

Hermitage Newton, a very rich velvety red:

Rose Vision, a nice pink:

Laughing Skies, another one that is tall and stands out:

Marilyn Apps:

Applique...dropped almost all of its buds...sigh...really hope it reblooms:

Another biggie, Peacock Maiden...some thrip and/or water damage...but will be spectacular soon:

Wild Horses in a group...does kinda look like they're ready to gallop:

Lastly...and I know you're did that get in here?? I actually do have some other stuff. It's just that the daylilies...when in bloom...are just so fun and get my attention. Everything else has to practically scream (which is why I sometimes don't notice things until too late...). So, here's a Dahlia...which is of note to me because I have never had Dahlias this early. This one is part of a few that actually overwintered (along with the dwarf canna and one group of cannas elsewhere) in what I call my microclime area. It reminds me that I still have Dahlias and Cannas in the garage to plant...

I'm off to go outside and see if some of today's are ready for their pictures! Tomorrow is the RADS daylily show...still don't know if I'll have anything worthy of entering...but on the assumption that I might, there are errands to run...Anyway, you know I'll be there with my camera at the show! It'll be a long day, so stay tuned to see what's there.

I just remembered two I forgot. Shoot. Electric Mist and Michigan Magic. Oh well...tomorrow...


Layanee said...

Okay, now I have to add more daylilies! Every one of those is a beauty! Do you have a favorite? I do like the spider type in spite of the smaller flowers. The tetraploids are so humongous! Thanks for sharing. I know it takes a long time to load all those pictures!

Apple said...

I didn't realize that there are so many different varieties. Mine are mostly nameless passalongs that are either orange or yellow. I loved the Wild Horses. I hope you have something to enter. Good luck!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

OK, let's have it, what is your favorite Daylily? :-) Is there one or two that you can recommend? I haven't got any so far (yes I know, it's very remiss of me) and I really would like some for my garden too.

BTW Dahlia pretty!!!

Crafty Gardener said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous showing of daylilies. I love all the photos. Some of mine are beginning to bloom too.

Kylee said...

You have got some seriously gorgeous daylilies!! I've got my first bloom of the summer in my garden now (besides Stella d'Oro).

After seeing all the pretty ones you've posted pictures of, I think I need more in my garden!

Sara said...

What an amazing collection of lilies and the photography is superb.

ACey said...

wow what beautiful daylilies! Must be breathtaking in person

Laura said...

So very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

MrBrownThumb said...


If I ever become a plant snatcher I will have visit your garden and look for Vesuvian Blackout it is superb!


Lynn said...

They are my two favourite flowers.
My daylilly buds are not open yet. And this year I tried another flower instead of dalhlias.

Andrea's Garden said...

wow, beautiful. My potted Dahlias are the only ones growing at the moment. The rest is planted in the flowerbed near the gardenhouse and trying to survive the slugs. Beautiful pictures of your day lilies. I only own one (so far). Andrea

Kate said...

Your selection of daylilies is overwhelming - I love the names of them. Did you enter anything? I hope so ...

The Dahlias are pretty and I am envious that you can over-winter them!

David in Greensboro NC said...

Your daylilies are beautiful! Can you recommend some good resources for identifying daylilies? I have several varieties, but have no idea what any of them are--although I found one on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your photos. They are spectacular!

Green thumb said...

Awesome! With such a breathtaking line up its not difficult to imagine why all your other flowers have to scream for attention. The daylilies stole my heart.
I feel, with that rich maroon color, your Dahlia commands some serious respect rather than screaming for it!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Layanee: Of course, you do! Lol! A favorite?? Oh, that would be hard...whatever is blooming well that particular day is a favorite! You're is my pleasure.

Hi Apple: I did! I mean to blog about it...soon! And, thanks!

Hi YE: I can recommend bunches! You must get some! What's your favorite color (except blue...although some are working on this and claim to be close)? I love love love my daylilies (no!) and can hardly wait to wake up each day to see what they're doing! Because they only last a day, it is different each never know what you're going to see! Thanks!

Hi Crafty Gardener: Thanks! I'm so glad yours are going, too! I look forward to this time of year!

Hi Kylee: You can never have too many! Ha! It's half the fun to go looking for more. Ohio has some wonderful fact, there's going to be a Northern Mecca this year! You should go, if you can. Here's the link:

Nothing beats seeing beautifully grown daylilies...and I'm sure you will see them in these gardens!

Thank you, Sara!

Hi Acey: I like them! They have their moments!

Hi Laura: Thank you!

Hi Mr. Brown Thumb: Long time no see! Well....since you're going to help me with my page, I'd be only too glad to send you some! It'll probably be best this fall as it is getting hot now...Something can be worked out!

Hi Lynn: I hope they open soon! I like them, too! What did you try?

Hi Andrea: Oh my, we need to work on! Only one! Slugs, nasty things! Thanks!

Hi Kate: I suppose it can be...but, it brings me such pleasure. As I tell my DH, I am low maintenance...except where daylilies are concerned! I did and I'll have to tell you about it! It was just some luck with the dahlias, but I'll take luck wherever I can get it!

Hi David: You are in daylily country in NC! There are many great growers and some very good clubs your way. Tinkers ( has a database as does Dave's Garden ( and on the AHS site they also have one (, no pictures on that one (yet). With something like 60k registered daylilies, your task can be difficult! I wish you luck and am glad my pictures have been of help. Do check the stats (bloom size, height, period of bloom, etc.) as with so many, it can be totally confusing! Thank you very much!

Hi Green Thumb: They pretty much have mine, too! Lol! You're right about the dahlia, though...and since it is near the hose and rather tall, it had an advantage!

Thank you all !

Daylily Photo Gallery said...

You have a great collection of daylilies in this photo gallery. Vesuvian Blackout is really dark and pretty. Great photograph too.

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