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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here We Go....

Ed Brown, 2006 Stout Medal Winner:

Patterns in Time:

Love's Purest Light:

Frank's Fire Opal:

Forty Second Street:

Dominic (darker than this picture shows):

William Austin Norris:

So Many Stars:

Firefly Frenzy, a double spider or unusual form:

Recognize this one? FFO on Song In My Heart (for this year)...the flower in my avatar (which I took last year):

Wild Wookie:

Peggy Turman:

Spacecoast Eye Declare:

Macho Macho Man (need I say...a big flower):

Homeplace Angel Face:

Butterfly Kisses:

Fragrant Finale...a little early for a finale:


Lori Goldston:

Michigan Magic:

Twilight Tarantula:

Sunny Delight:

Palladian Pink:

Desert Icicle:

Spider Man:

Rainforest Magic:

Nancy Billingslea, getting a bit better:

Still more....and we're not even near peak! Many of these are FFOs(First Flower Open) and will continue to improve...and to end, a few pictures of other things going on:


Phlox maculata 'Natasha':

An unknown, at this point, Asiatic lily:

Self seeding poppies, soon to open:


Chris said...

You have inspired me to plant more day lilies :-)

Dirty Fingernails said...

Breathtaking.. I need to post pics of my daylilies.. I am a novice to it and don't have the collection you do..

shirl said...

Hi there – and WOW, WOW, WOW!

OK - it takes a lot to make me speechless – as many would agree! I have been up and down the stunning photos of this post absolutely struck by the beauty of these daylilies trying to decide which ones I like best. I am struggling here so bare with me – I must look again.

Ok, I’ve got it down to three - Asterisk, Desert Icicle and Firefly Frency. I feel in need of a drum roll – Desert Icicle takes the top spot for me!

Mmm – I have just scrolled to the posts below and spotted another I really, really like. Laughing Skies – oh that one has to be my favourite now! I will need to have a return visit when I have much, much more time.

Congrats on posting so many stunning images of the one plant species – you must be seriously increasing sales of the daylily!!!

BTW - do you really grow all these varieties in your garden?

Gotta Garden said...! I hope you enjoy them...I know I do!

Dirty Fingernails (which, btw, could easily describe me, too!)...thanks! They're a lot of fun and most are very cooperative about picture taking!

Shirl: I see you like the spiders and ufos...I think they're really cool how some of them almost dance...and truly do have a different pose each day! Desert Icicle is a terrific daylily. Some days, it just makes me laugh out loud! I think there's a picture in my archives from last year where I call it a Daylily With Attitude!

I grow over 600 different AHS registered daylilies plus hundreds of seedlings (hoping to grow the next great daylily...ha). There are many still to open and many awaiting their moment of fame! Unless I am visiting somewhere, in which case I will say, these are all my daylilies and all images on this blog are my images...taken this year...or last year if you look in the archives.

Well, I don't know how long I'll be able to keep up! At some point, I might just go back to what I did last year with a Daylily of the Day and a Daylily Clump of the Day. They are all begging for attention!

I will probably be downsizing in the next couple of years as my seedlings grow and need more room. I only have a small yard! But, in the meantime, I continue to enjoy them...and continue to add (five new ones came home with me from the Sat RADS show!) to my collection.


Carol said...

Okay, so if I wanted to expand my daylily collecton to something beyond Stella D'Oro and Hyperion, do you have some recommendations? Do you have all these flowers memorized, or do you rely on the plant labels that I know you have in you garden?

I bet it is so pretty there. I'm planning a trip to the local daylily farm in a week or so.

Kate said...

You leave me breathless ... these are such beautiful blooms. I quite love Firefly Frenzy, Asterisk (for the name too!), Twilight Tarantula, Desert Icicle and So many stars.

I truly had no idea there was such a variety of daylilies. Thank you for sharing your pictures ...

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Astilbes pretty! ;-) I like the pink and purple Daylilies best, so any that you can recommend?

BTW those names hilarious, who comes up with them?

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

I was thrilled to find your site. I, too, am crazy for daylilies. I get the shakes when I stand in a field of color. We're just getting started here. I have three open now. But the rest are ready to pop. I have 105 different daylilies and not one of yours. Exciting post.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Carol: That is probably the best thing to do...go to a daylily farm in your area to see what grows well for know it will do well for you also!

Believe it or not, I do know them...mostly...I mean, there are always new ones. I grow them so tightly together (given my space constraints) that at this point with lots of things blooming, the tags are not always easy to see...I just about always know them!

Start with a color(s) you like...and a tone, meaning cool or hot...look for one with a high bud count (look on the scape and see the buds and/or bud scars). Some daylilies are repeat bloomers, but I don't know if they'll repeat for you in your zone (they'll know at the farm)...if they have a display area (hopefully), notice ones with lots of scapes.

I track my daylilies and my goal is for the longest bloom season possible. That means, I have early, mid and late season bloomers (there's overlap). I added some more lates last year, so I am looking forward to seeing how long the season goes. Of course, more established plants will have more flowers and bloom longer.

I wake up in the morning and the first thing on my mind is going out to see the daylilies! Well, I have to anyway because my dogs are wanting! That's common among us daylily-silly folks...many people take their coffee out with them (I'm not a coffee drinker). It's a new show everyday. I should mention, though, that not all daylilies are EMOs (early morning openers)...some sleep in a bit and wait to open fully until mid morning...something to note if you want to see them before work, for instance.

Did I forget something??

Hi Kate: The first time I visited a really nice daylily farm, I had a similar experience. I was so overwhelmed with it all, all the colors...that I had to limit myself to just one was too much to focus on! Now, of course, I am greedy and just soak it all up! I would ask the owners, "How do you get anything done?? I would just be here, staring at the daylilies all day!" Now, that is pretty much me...I don't get much else done!

Hi YE: I don't know who is growing near you, although I know there are Dutch growers. Belgium, too.

Some things to know about pinks and purples. Definitely see a pink in person. Pink is not always pink, if you know what I mean! Especially in the older ones, it can be peach, flesh, lavender, you name it....I know because I once thought of having a pink was horrible! There are some lovely pinks, but try to see them blooming (from baby pink to bold pinks).

Purples...are great! But, here, at least, thrips and weather can have an impact on the dark ones (reds, too). Again, if you can see them blooming, you'll be able to tell. Blotchy blooms are a bummer! Some will grow out of them or some just need some time to warm up (not necessarily literally, just seem to need to start with some ugly blooms before they move into ones you will swoon over). But, a rich velvety purple is heavenly!

Something else to think about is size...some daylilies are short, some are tall...some bloom in the foliage or right on top...some will send out taller bloom scapes. And, bloom size, too...from tiny (around 2 inches or so) to large 7-8 or so for the round forms, although the hybridzers are getting bigger ones 11-13 for the spideries.

Good luck on your quest! Daylilies give so much! I just remembered something else...fragrance! Some are fragrant...and it is delightful!

If you see any that I have posted (there's always!), feel free to ask me about a specific one. I will tell you my experience(s) with it.

Hi Marie: Ah, a fellow daylily lover! It is something, to see so much color at once! I'm so happy yours are starting! Welcome!

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