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Friday, June 08, 2007

It didn't open......yet!

Eagerly, I dashed outside this morning...Would this be the day?? Would my very first daylily seedling be open?? The answer...n0...looks like tomorrow: close...I'm excited (as you can probably tell) because it is the first but also because it has some great things going for it...It has branching (3) and even a prolif...none of my other seedlings have that, at least yet:

It was the first to put up a bloom scape and has split into two fans. What you can't tell from the above photo is how nicely the buds are held above the leaves. Let's see if we can tell from the next photo:

It really stands out from the group, at least at this point:

Do you see it? It's the one on the upper right side. I think I've counted around 28 seedlings with scapes...considering how many seedlings I have, I hope there are a lot more on the way.

Tomorrow...surely...right?? I can hardly wait! (I hope it's not ugly!!)

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