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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dazzling Daylilies....

were on display last Saturday at the Millers' Small World Gardens. I was there, ostensibly, to take a scape grooming class...but all those blooming dayliles could not be denied. Their garden is still about two weeks from peak, so try to imagine that!

The Millers are the backbone and right arm of RADS. Both Paulette and Michael have Stamile dayliles of note named after them. Michael is making fast inroads into that inner tier of elite daylily hybridizers.

So, if you're into daylilies, you don't pass up the opportunity to take a look! The Millers display not just their own creations but numerous daylilies from other hybridizers. My pictures are only a small sample. Their garden is an AHS Display Garden.

Adjust your seat, pull the computer monitor closer and let's get going:

We'll start with just a tiny sampling of Michael's creations that I was able to catch that day.

Here's Small World Alli:

Small World Austin:

Small World Mildred Ruffner:

Did I mention that these pictures were taken in the blazing hot midday sun??

The Millers aren't just about daylilies (although, rest assured, I will show you many more daylily pictures to come). Check out the hostas:

Other views of their gardens:

Here are just some of the seedlings for next year. I later saw that the other side of the driveway was lined with at least as many.

Blooming seedlings as far as the eye can see:

Just a few of Michael's spiders. I was disappointed to realize later that I hadn't gotten more pictures of them.

Some of the very latest Stamile daylilies were, lucky for me, blooming on this day.

Sherry Candy:

Special Candy:

Paulette has an entire bed of the Stamile Candies with each and every one introduced.

Lacy Border:

White Mountain:

Pansy Yellow:

Lime Peel:

Bella Sera (my one loss this year that really broke my heart...I hope to acquire it again.):

Now, we'll move on to some by various hybridizers:

Fire Down Below:

Dana Townsend:

Caribbean Whipped Cream:

Solid Geometry:

Etheral Beauty:

Sea Swept Dreams:

Spacecoast Extreme Fashion:

I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures as much as I enjoyed my visit to Small World Gardens. I did, by the way, take the Scape Grooming Class. We shall see *grin* how much I learned this Saturday (the RADS Daylily Show at Lewis Ginter)....assuming my daylilies cooperate and push out a few nice blooms. Thanks very much, Paulette and Michael (really, the whole family) for hosting us, teaching us, and showing us your gorgeous early season blooms!


Green thumb said...

Lovely Daylilies,dear Gotta Garden.I've never seen such great variety of daylilies together before.Thanks for this tour.

Chris said...

Wow! I had no idea there are so many different varieties of day lily! We have two in the garden and one has come up on the allotment planted by a previous owner :-) I had never taken a lot of notice of them before, they have grown on me recently :-) Great blog, really enjoyed reading through it. I think we share a love of gardening as well as being a similiar age lol!

Carol said...

Who knew there was such a thing as a 'scape grooming class'? Sounds interesting, and the flowers are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more!

joey said...

Lovely and informative garden tour! I was especially 'smitten' by 'Solid Geometry' as I patiently wait for my first daylilies to bloom.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Green Thumb: You're welcome! More to come!

Hi Chris: Thanks! I'm glad you've come over...and glad we have so much in common!

Hi Carol: But, of course! Lol! One has to get them ready for the show! And they must be groomed! I didn't know either, but I must say, it was a big help! I learned a lot from Michael. Thanks!

Hi Joey: I must get over and tell you! I tried one of your recipes...we loved it! I bet yours will be starting very soon! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am considering buying Lime Peel. Could you tell me how many blooms?

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