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Friday, June 08, 2007

Today's Finds: 060807

Leading off today is Ballerina on Ice:

Terry Lyninger...finally opening flat:

Light Motif:

Paper Butterfly:

Big City Eye:

Labeled as Druids Chant...but should be much more lavender...let's hope it changes...I really really don't like to have one turn up incorrect:

Inky Fingers had three open today:

As promised, I did check on the Madonna Lilies...and found one open:

Here's the other Asiatic Lily (I think I still have at least two Asiatic varieties to go):

This is just some interesting stuff. Some daylilies are not EMOs (early morning openers). Spectral Elegance is apparently one of those. It has had some difficulties getting it together...but, here's what happened today (just for the record, it's still not where it will be):

Early morning:

Here it is by midday:

Finally, around 5:00 p.m.:

The edge really picked up with the heat...we were supposed to get up to near 100 sure felt like it!

Waiting in the Wings early this morning (thrip and/or water damage, it looks like):

Later in the day WITW began to spread out:

Here's an odd thing. This appears to be a fasciated scape...two growing or grown together (It's the fat one on the right):

And last, but certainly not least, my doggies have wondered why the cats get all the attention. They want everyone to know that they are also guardians of the garden:

Riley and Kobe....


LostRoses said...

That's an amazing assortment of lilies you have; most of them I've never seen before. And tell the doggies I find them quite photogenic!

Kate said...

Ah Riley and Kobe should get some extra pats for their efforts! They look adorable with their identical poses.

I am so enjoying your lilies - I have some orange daylilies in my garden and should really add some since they are beautiful.

I loved the way you photographed the lily opening at different times of the day. That is really interesting.

The lettuce looks delicious!Yum, yum ... but it's time for sleep now!

RUTH said...

These Daylilies are beautiful...I wish I had space for some more..they seem to be thriving well in the heat.

Ki said...

Your daylily collection is truly something to behold! You have very lovely varieties.

JustMeShann said...

These are absolutly beautiful!

sisah said...

I am very much amused you have so many fanatic looking daylilies all looking different from each other but two identical dogs, they even look at you in the same way.

Gotta Garden said...

I will, LostRoses! They are my buds! Still many more daylilies to open...Thanks!

Hope your sleep was good, Kate! Thanks for taking such a good look! It was a fluke that they were like that...which was why I had to snag the photo. I stood perfectly still and had my DH hand me the camera. It looked like I had blown soon as the camera turned on, Kobe got up and came over to me! It was like he knew, though, as he went back over and laid (lied?) right down. Amazing! I swear lately he does understand lots of conversation!

Ruth, most of them take the heat extremely well. There are a few that melt in the that does is Etched Eyes...a lovely daylily...but not so when it melts! Thanks!

Thank you, Ki...I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that this is just the tiny start of it.

Thanks, JustmeShann (love that name!)!

Funny observation, Sisah! I hadn't thought of it. They actually aren't much alike (hard to tell in the photo) except that they are both big and black. One is two years older and short haired. Very different personalities! When we went to pick out Kobe (the younger one), I said to my daughter, "Let's get a yellow dog this time" as both our dogs (one has since died) were black! I used to call them the Three Dog Alarm! Anyway, Kobe was so adorable with a little Afro like fluff of hair on his head (where did that go??), my daughter looked at me and said, "You can't discriminate against him because of his color!" We had a little laugh....and, as you see, he is a dear part of the family. I guess we're just meant for big black dogs!

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