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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


They're in! Actually, they were planted in late May....first time in two years I've gotten my tomatoes in this early! I'm happy! Well, there's a Roma tomato that still needs planting, but I'm thinking I will try it in a pot.

Here's where I decided to put them (space being an issue for me):

I've put them at the end of each of the rows on the left side in my backyard. I was rather proud that I thought of this! I need steps/stairs here, so I just snagged some of that space.

Here's what one of them looks like straight on:

Here's the bottom one:

Eva's Purple Ball is in the second one and I am posting this picture especially for Marc of Garden Desk. Marc was very helpful when I told him my tale of woe. Thank you, Marc! Somehow, I managed to knock off the entire top of Eva's Purple Ball. All I was left with was a set of leaves on each side. Of course, it wouldn't be a variety I could easily replace. Anyway, looks okay now, I think...although a bit behind the others. Look carefully in the picture and you can see the broken stem.

If you're wondering, here are the varieties I've planted: Champion, Old Time Tasty, Pink Beefsteak, German Johnson, Missouri Love Apple, Sungold, Eva's Purple Ball, Pink Caspian, Hillbilly and Pink Girl. If I could figure out/find the space, I'd plant some more! (Confession: none of these are grown from my seed...of which I have much! Maybe there's still!)

I've tucked in basil and a few marigolds. I'll add some more basil and some parsley (can't have too much!). Speaking of parsley...guess what I saw first of the season:

In my tomato area, I actually did plant some seeds (I think these may be the only seeds I've planted this year...except for daylily seeds, naturally...I did mean to plant more...maybe I still will!)'s a picture, these are Lemon Gem Marigolds...I can't find the packet at the moment, but they're single marigolds, yellow and orange.

Time to move on to the daylilies!


Nicole said...

Lovely tomato plants-and many happy salads and meals from your lovely kitchen garden. Isn't it amazing, from a small space, what an enhancement to one's cooking and enjoyment of meals? I use things from my kitchen garden almost every day.

Carol said...

I'm surprise you found room for vegetables amongst all the daylilies! We only have one tomato variety in common... German Johnson. I grew mine from seed I saved from last year.

Kylee said...

A Swallowtail cat!! I've not seen any in my garden yet, but I'm always looking...

I have 'Siberian Blues' Dianthus, too, and was disappointed that it didn't look like the pictures which showed it as being truly blue. Still, it's a nice variety.

Marc said...

Wow, everything looks great - even the Eva Purple Ball! You are doing better with your tomatoes than I am. My complete redesign of the vegetable garden has really slowed me down. I still have some of my tomato seedlings inside under my growlights! My Caspian Pinks and about half of my other heirlooms are amongst them.

I can't wait to see pictures of the Eva Purple Ball after it has set fruit! Just keep nurturing it along.

Thanks for the mention and for the great tomato post.

lisa said...

Wow! Nice job! I can't wait to see the results!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi are doing better than me, but I am hopeful! Well, having said that...I cannot imagine not having parsley whenever I want or chives...

Ha, was a tight fit, as you can see! That is neat you saved seed...I always mean to...

Oh, Kylee, they should be there soon, don't you think...I hope so! Well, I am pretty used to things not being what they're pictured as...blues, purples and pinks seem to be in the eye of the beholder...

Well, Marc...let's see...that and the simply gorgeous wonderful deck you are building! You are one busy guy and still you have those amazing first-to-ripen tomatoes! ...and, hey, thank you!

We'll just cross our fingers, okay, Lisa?! Oh, and knock on some wood...Thanks, though!

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