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Monday, June 25, 2007

Seedlings Update

As you might guess, I have a backlog of daylily pictures which grows daily. Eventually, I'll sort through them, so more to come! But, for now, here's a look at some seedlings I'm seeing. Remember, they're brand new and so not really strutting their stuff, like they will, hopefully, next year and beyond. I think they're pretty interesting!

A very pale pink...Chartered Course x Moment in the Sun

A huge 8 inch bloom! Women Seeking Men x Bear Claws

Nice edge developing....Golden Tentacles x Moment in the Sun

Showing promise...can't wait for later blooms, Restores My Soul x Alexa Kathryn

Wonders Never Cease x Crystelle's Love

A where-did-you-come-from out of (maybe) Snow in Autumn x Wonders Never Cease....but, I like it!

Another peek at the one that started them off this year, Ed Brown x J T Davis...has a pod, so we know it's pod fertile.

It'll be fun to follow their journey...who knows what the future holds...Next year, I'll, hopefully, be linking back to this post to we can see how they develop.


Annie in Austin said...

Hello Gotta Garden - you've had some fun posts in the last few weeks! Congratulations on the daylily show honors and thanks for sharing your excitement as the lovely-for-a-day parade passes by.

So far my favorites are Laughing Skies [my heart belongs to spiders] and that gorgeous cross of Snow in Autumn with Wonders Never Cease.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

BTW, have you been to Marie/Pianna Nana's blog? She just started blogging this year, and has caught a serious case of Herocallis-itis ;-]

Marion in Savannah said...

My word, but your day lilies are fantastic. People grow them here, but I've never seen anything like yours. Do they handle all sun all the time, or do they want some relief?

chigiy said...

You have an incredibly beautiful collection of daylilies. I am amazed.

Layanee said...

Those are great you know! Congrats on your ribbons!

Mike said...

Congratulations on the daylily show. It took courage just to enter in the first place, but to continue on after disaster strikes deserves a medal! I'm really enjoying your blog.

Marie (FKA Piana Nanna) said...

Hi Gotta Garden, I left a comment and the blogger ID was left as Mike from the previous user. He will be horrified that he commented on daylilies :)

Thanks, Annie in Austin for the mention.

Curtis said...

Wow, so gorgeous. I do not have any in my yard as present. But hoping this weekend, to start my collection.

Cottage Magpie said...

Hi there! Just wandered over here from May Dreams and I'm so glad I did! Your daylily pictures are just lovely, and I'm fascinated by the whole process. I look forward to coming back soon! ~A :-)

Marc said...

Your daylillies are always so diverse and beautiful!

Guess what, I have tagged you in a meme called "7 random things about me" in which as the title tells, you post 7 random things about yourself. I had no idea what to write when I was tagged, but I managed to come up with something and just published my 7 things.

I can't wait to read yours. I hope you will play along!

Kylee said...

Ooooooooh! Ahhhhhhhhh!

And congratulations! That must have been a thrill for you!

kate said...

I am very much enjoying your daylily pictures. I think Restores My Soul x Alexa Kathryn is my favourite of this batch - you are simply amazing!!!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Annie: Thanks...I'm sure it will get old to nondaylily folks, but the show continues to go on! Welcome back!

I just went...thanks for the reminder!

Hi Marion: Most take it quite well. There are some that can do with a bit of shade when it gets really hot. You have some great growers there in Georgia. One I'm really starting to like a lot is Tim Bell.

Hi Chigiy: Thank you! More to come...

Hi Layanee: Thanks! It was quite the shock...but I think I could get used to!

Well, hi Marie: Thanks for the update there re Mike! What a laugh, huh! Thanks also for the nice words. Your blog is so fun! I love your just sparkles!

Hi Curtis: Great! I hope they bring you as much pleasure as they do me! What fun...daylily shopping! Try to find a grower who will dig for you while you will get healthy plants with blooms! Oh....and Welcome to Daylilies! Lol!

Hi Cottage Magpie...I hope you will! Thanks for the heads up re Carol! I'm sure I will be yakking about daylilies for most of the summer! And, then the fall...and winter...well, you know!

Oh Marc!!! I will have to read yours and see how this is done! Should I thank you??! Lol! Random things...hmmm, I am a pretty random person, so I'll have to see what I can think of! (You mean something besides daylilies??...Just kidding)

Hi Kylee: It was! Thanks!

Hi Kate: No, I'm not...but thanks! I like that name...Restores My Soul...don't you? I came in because I thought we were going to get rain...I guess the twenty drops or so was our quota! Now, decisions, go back out and lose myself (and forget about dinner)...or be good, get cleaned up, run errands (which I need/have to do), and make dinner??? Hmmmmm.

Thank you all! I so enjoyed hearing from you!

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