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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In my own garden...

It's started! The daylilies have begun to bloom, although it's a bit like catching them still in their pajamas. The blooms are not quite what they will be. It's fun to see them anyway, don't you think?

Royal Eventide, first opening on May 23rd and the earliest of my daylilies:

Catered Affair:

Christine Dixon:

Hidden Riches:

Carolyn Hunt:

I accidentally uploaded this picture from last can see what Carolyn Hunt can do when she really gets going.

Twilight Illusion:

An unknown, originally bought years ago as Hyperion:

Waiting in the Wings is blooming but I haven't gotten a good picture. Today's bloom mysteriously had a petal missing (on the ground). Pathway to Paradise had some trouble opening and was really splotchy. Spectral Elegance, Terry Lyninger and a few others are also starting and I hope to catch them very soon. From this point on, I expect (and hope) to see new ones opening each day!

Here's a little look at part of my daylily seedling bed. You can see some of them have bloom scapes (exciting!), but I wanted to show one particular seedling. Look right in the center of the picture. You'll see a tall scape and beneath it, two fans. I'm really looking forward to seeing this was the very first to scape and looks to be strong and, for a pretty flower (please!)!

Here's Sam sitting in some daylilies, complete with, I notice, a battle ear (he insists on being a warrior).

I keep thinking I'm going to be getting to (I will, I will...I think) posts of roses, clematis and iris. In the meantime, things keep popping and changing daily. Here's some stuff from the last day or so.

Japanese Iris...these are the ones growing in full sun in clay, nowhere near water. They don't know...and we're not telling them.

Louisiana Iris 'Black Gamecock' is blooming almost unnoticed.

Near it, the first of the tall phlox, Phlox maculata 'Miss Lingard', a favorite of Elizabeth Lawrence, is blooming:

Toad Lilies, Tricyrtis 'Lightning Strike', and a Fern, Athyrium 'Ghost' have joined forces in my tightly packed garden.

Rose Campion 'Occulata', grown from seed originally and now reseeds itself around.

Mock Orange, blooming and such a nice scent....just one problem here...this is part of my variegated one and as you can see, the leaves are solid green. I'll have to make a decision. If I continue to let this grow, (it is much more vigorous; there is a whole section of it blooming now in front of the Sweet Shrub.) it will take over.

Blooming later, here is the variegated one:

Last but not least (we gotta stop somewhere) is a hardy geranium. It's a taller one and I'll have to dig out its tag (yikes! no label here!). I like the double flowers...a nice pale lavender.

I probably won't catch up until winter, but I'll keep trying!


Carol said...

Your garden sounds like an exciting place to be these days.

Can't wait to see what your seedling bloom looks like. If it is a good one, you should call it 'Gotta Garden'!

Pam/Digging said...

Carolyn Hunt is so pretty, and I also really like the unknown one with the faint lilac edges. Enjoy your daylilies!

Chris said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love the lilies, mine are hardly in bud yet! My favourite though are the geraniums, I am trying to collect as many varieties as I can. Very interested to find the name of yours, I don't have that one :-) Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

That is exciting - I have looked forward to seeing your Daylily collection. They are beautiful - I love Christine Dixon and Twilight Illusion. Carolyn Hunt is beautiful too - they all are. The Iris Black gamecock is gorgeous. I love Toadlilies - I wish I could grow them here.

The pale lavender double Geranium is such a pretty colour!

Ki said...

You have a wonderful collection of day lilies.

lisa said...

Boy have you got a nice variety of daylilies! Do you have many spiders/doubles? I've been leaning toward collecting more of those lately...I got a double yellow 'Forever Jung' from Jung's this year, in honor of their 100th anniversary (and because I wanted a double yellow). It was bareroot but nice-sized, so I hope it blooms this year.

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, Carol...hmmm, what an idea! Tomorrow could be the big day for the seedling...

Hi Pam: Thanks, I will...from now through August!

Chris, give me a bit of time to dig through some...ahem...bags of tags (I know, that sounds day I will get the spreadsheet going)...and I will get back to you on the name. Thank you!

Thanks, Kate! It's just beginning...I can hardly wait for each new day! A few of my toadlilies have really increased this year...if you weren't so far away (and those pesky customs!), I'd tell you to come by for some...oh well. I think some of them are hardy to zone 4...

Stand by,'s barely begun! MANY more to come!

I hope it will, Lisa! It will be fun to see it! Hmmm, I have quite a few...I haven't actually counted them (the spiders and ufos)...a new project for me! I pretty much like all daylilies except the tiny ones...and I still have a few of!

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