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Sunday, June 03, 2007

National Catheral Bishop's Garden in Spring

You might remember I had a wonderful visit to this garden last summer. Much as I liked it, I thought I should return to see what is was like in spring...and I've done just that. This time, I had the delightful company of my daughter and she was most patient. We visited a couple other gardens as well which will turn up here sooner or later. But, now, on to the Bishop's Garden....

It was a gorgeous day.

There appear to be at least three entrances into this garden. Here's the one we used:

I noticed there were lungworts and epidmediums growing together. It makes perfect sense but wasn't a combination that had occurred to me before.

On this Saturday, the garden was being enjoyed and appreciated by a number of people. From this entrance, we entered into a large green space.

The Cathedral's presence is never far away.

There are lots of inviting seating areas throughout this garden. Many were in use.

This was our way to the rest of the garden...I do like stairs...I think maybe I notice them because I need them in my garden...and I'm interested to see different ones...

This border has a definite purple theme in Spring:

Looking back the way we've just come (you know I like to do that):

I don't know that I appreciated all the different levels last time.

Roses were in bloom.

The herbs have been perked up with some fresh additions.

Look at all the different sages:

Another lovely border with a purple emphasis:

More than one variety of alliums were blooming:

The water features were more than just pleasant to look at...some needed to be explored!

If you're weary, there's always a nearby seat.

The rose garden:

Another entrance/exit:

A secluded seating area:

Looking down on the garden:

This is the entrance I used on my first visit last year. It's right by the gift shop...convenient, wouldn't you

The gift shop, as you might expect, is itself a beautiful place.

May is such a wonderful month for roses:

I thought this moss covered rock was fascinating (I think I did last time, too, but it didn't have a lovely surround of flowers, then, I think):

These daisies were in growing in a crack:

I just happened to see a woman carrying some plants...and my radar went off...much to my daughter's dismay...and back into the gift shop I went! I'm just kidding as she was a perfect companion. It turns out...I didn't know this...that there is a greenhouse that is open to the public. There are plant sales in the spring and fall, I believe, but plants are also available on an ongoing basis. Naturally, I walked down to see.

We were traveling light as from here, we would be catching a Metro bus to our next stop. This meant I would have to carefully consider any purchases. I had been wanting to obtain some mint...and well, that's pretty light, right?

Surely, I can find some here...

Mission successful! I purchased some spearmint and a mint I hadn't seen before, Mountain Mint. Okay, maybe a thing or two else (Lime Thyme)...but not much, really!

We need to retrace our steps back. Remember that bench we saw as we came in? It was now empty, but we needed to get did look inviting, though.

My daughter pointed out the planters (good eyes) and reminded me to get a picture. I confess, I was looking at the awesome Deutzia:

I saw a tree I didn't American Yellowwood:

Well, there's our entry/exit...we're off to our next stop, the US Botanical Gardens...a revisit to the Rose Garden and to see the National Garden.


Kylee said...

What a lovely tour you've given us! THANK YOU!

RUTH said...

Oh I could spend hours in a place like this. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

The cathedral really sets a mood, doesn't it? Another gorgeous tour - thanks!

I'm glad you found "retail"... ;o)

anne said...

What a lovely garden, thanks for sharing pictures of your visit!

A wildlife gardener said...

Thank you for the comprehensive tour of the Cathedral garden....stunning! I loved the roses, and the daisies growing in the cracks.

Come on over and read about Chris Beardshaw's Chelsea garden, or have a look at the Barleycorn ponds on my garden photo blog:)

Kate said...

GG - It would have been fun touring this garden with you - your daughter was lucky to have accompanied you. I love how you take pictures of details like entrances, benches, pots of flowers ... and mention unusual pairings of plants, such as the lungwort with epimediums. Hadn't thought of that either.

What I loved about the garden besides the seating areas was the herb garden and all the purple plants. And I was happy to know that you didn't go home empty-handed!

Thank you for taking the time to share your pictures and commentary!

Wicked Gardener said...

Thank you so much for sharing - One of those pictures has a huge ancient tree with a bench under it. It looked like a great place to get lost for an afternoon. I need a place like that in my garden.

Layanee said...

Well, after that lovely tour and your mint purchase I think it might be time for a mojito! If you haven't had one they are quite refreshing! Loved the tour. It is a great way to tour the world...armchair travels!

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