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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January....Early Blooms

I just couldn't resist. Remember the hellebore from the other day? It's fully open now and today was upturned...begging to have its picture taken, don't you think?

A speckled hellebore is also opening:

Here are some buds that will open soon:

Those tiny hardy cyclamen are also opening:

Very adorable. And look closer, there are more buds. Patches of Snowdrops are beginning to appear. Every Spring, I always wonder why I didn't plant can't have too many of these early delights.

It's been great fun to be outside and notice what's happening. Daffodil foliage is up (you know I like Daffodils!) and even some of the tulips are starting to emerge as well. We still have all of February, so I'm sure there's still some weather to deal with. Fortunately, these are all tough winter flowers and can handle whatever comes.

Still working on that Chanticleer...I haven't forgotten!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I find February so bleak. Your photos remind me that spring is closer than I think. I celebrate every holiday in February, in hopes of speeding it along... Fat Tuesday, Chinese New Year, Lincoln's Birthday, Valentines's Day, Washington's Birthday...

kate said...

The speckled Hellebore is really stunning. It looks as if you'll have many Hellebore blooms. The little Cyclamen are dainty and pretty.

Ah, the Daffodils ... I am looking forward to seeing your collection again.

Entangled said...

All the new shoots on my hellebores are still hugging the ground.

Is the cyclamen C. coum? I have C. hederifolium, but it blooms in the fall. I'd like to add more species.

Barbara said...

So nice to see all the different helleborus coming out. I'm very fond of this "undelicate" plant too. We'll probably have the real winter in the coming two months. So every early bloom is being greeted with enthusiasm when having discovered. Enjoy your first Spring harbinger.
Regards from Switzerland,

jodi said...

Fantastic! I have regularly wailed and lamented about my lack of hellebores (though I do have one trying to survive under my hamamelis) but I SO much enjoy seeing others celebrate their blooms. and I celebrate them too.

mightymatt1313 said...

The hellebores are beautiful. I wish they grew in our zone (8-9).

Kerri said...

Lucky you to have Hellebores! I planted my first one last summer and am waiting anxiously to see what color it is. The tag said 'mixed'.
I adore cyclamens and should try one of the hardies to see if it'll grow here. They remind me so much of my mother.

joey said...

How lucky you are! We have NOTHING peeking through the 6-8 inches of snow piling up tonight ... sigh :(

Melanie Vassallo said...

Yeah! It's so nice to see your Hellebores.

Our's here don't even have buds yet, I think that's awfully late but there's nothing I can do about it.

joey said...

You are SO fortunate to see lovely noses peeking out of the ground. Sigh! Besides snow, today we have wind chills -17 degrees!

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Y'all: Sorry for the delay. I've been gone...but that means more things to share!

Hi Anonymous: I know what you mean, although today is a beautiful day (here). Here's to spring!

Greetings, Kate: Me, too! I can hardly wait! I have such expectations, but you never know...

You know, Entangled, I think it is...(famous last words)...I got this particular one from Merrifield Garden Center. No sign of the white one...yet...My others are from Heronswood...looking forward to seeing them. I'm with you...I'd like to have some more!

Hello Barbara: Don't let this fool you...we could still have some winter storms drop all kinds of stuff on us. It is fun to find some things, though.

Thanks, Jodi! I think they are just getting better and better...more choices are becoming available...and not so hard to find (as they were). Can't beat them for taking what winter dishes out.

Well, Mightymatt, have you tried them? Most say they are hardy to zone 9....they sure seem tough as nails to me. Good luck...and let me know if you find some!

Hello Kerri: Oh, what fun to see what you're going to have! Such an assortment of colors, who knows! Hmmm, are you sure you can just have one??! Yes, yes, try the hardy cyclamen...they are such delights!

Oh, Joey...say it isn't so! At least the snow provides a nice blanket...I don't envy you the snow...but, we sure could use the moisture here. Our county seems to have such water woes...

Hi Melanie...I bet they're trying to peek through...After being gone, many more are now in bloom. I'm just waiting for the weather to perk them up a bit and then I need to get in there and chop off the old foliage! I brought back a new one that I'm excited about!

Joey, Brrrrr, I'm cold just thinking about it! Stay warm!

Thank you all for stopping by!

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