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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe we're already a week into 2008. The weather here has been delightful, especially today where temperatures climbed above 70 degrees. I'm still working on getting the rest of my bags of mulch and Leaf Grow out. It looks like I have around 10-11 bags left, so I've made some progress.

My next project is starting the daylily seeds. Despite my efforts at cutting back (I did buy less this time, so that's something), I still seem to have some 72 crosses. There are more of my own this year, something I hope continues to increase each year. Each cross contains anywhere from a couple seeds to thirty-some in each cross. What fun I'll be having! It's great to dream of future blooms. Having lots of green growing in winter makes the time seem to go faster.

Some book reviews will be coming around directly. Another thing I like to do in, although, actually, I like to read pretty much all the time.

Next up, however, is another Chanticleer post. Chanticleer is one of the most amazing gardens I have ever been privileged to visit. I've also been looking back at pictures and there are quite a few things I've meant to show and haven't gotten around, never fear, there's lots to talk about in the next few months before Spring hits.


jodi said...

Happy New Year, Katie!I've been wondering what you've been uup to, but figured you'd had an enjoyable Christmas season and were busy with other stuff. More than seventy daylily crosses? Won't it be fun seeing what they produce! I don't do any crossing of plants, and rarely save seeds, but as I get my life better organized, I do plan to save more (well, I save scads of poppy seeds, but mostly just to share with others.)

Barbara said...

Wow, you are already busy in the garden. Here we cannot, due to cold winter days. But actually it is a good feeling to have more time for reading, planning and dreaming....
Do you sow all your daylilies? I never saw seeds here.Can you buy the seeds in your country? We can get the plants (rather expensive) in Spring and Summer. Looking forward to your next post.
Have a good time!
Regards from Switzerland

Muum said...

Wow, I'd love to hear more about your daylily crosses. Did you cross them yourself, or buy the seeds somewhere? What are you trying to come up with? I spent the day shoveling, we got 2 feet of snow (today!) here.

kate smudges said...

Happy New Year to you too! I am impressed with the number of daylily crosses you have. It will certainly be fun watching all of them grow.

Ah, the joys of reading. Too many books and just not enough time.

I hope you're doing some writing too!!

Andrea's Garden said...

This will be quite interesting to follow your lilly crosses. We cannot do much in the garden yet since the ground is frozen and there will be more snow to come, I am sure of that. However, winter time is a great time to reflect on the past garden year and plan for the new one like you are doing alreay. Andrea

Gotta Garden said...

Hey Jodi: Happy New Year to you, too! Sorry I am late with those wishes. I'm afraid I've been rather a turtle in my shell...but, I'm hoping to come out a bit more now!

Hello Barbara: I'll be talking more about my seeds (not to worry!)...probably too much! I do buy some of the crosses, usually at The Lily Auction which I'll link to when I get my post up on the seeds. You can probably buy there, too, if you're interested! Thanks so much!

Oh Muum: Two feet of snow! I hope you're keeping warm with lots of hot chocolate! I do both...cross my own and then buy some for other genetics...or just to save time! Thanks for coming over!

Hi Kate: Oh dear...I'm afraid I've not been devoting myself to my writing...and I have so much I want to do! I plan to (as always) kids are both back at school, so I am running out of excuses! Belated Happy New Year to you as well! Thanks for staying in touch with me.

You're so right, Andrea. I think I need a rest! That's what winter is for, right? I do enjoy having a bit of green inside. I've some amaryllis growing that arrived for well as some in the basement that I expect to do something eventually. But, my winter joy is starting all my daylily seedlings!! It's a big project (one day, I'll do less...right) and carries me right through to Spring! This year, though, I think I'll be later as I am planning to be away for a few days in early, I'll just wait until I get back. I'd worry about them too much while I was gone! Thanks for stopping by!

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