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Monday, January 21, 2008

Garden Viewing: English Cottage and Country Gardens

I haven't just been reading...I've been watching! Well, actually, I'm involved in a personal project that is very time consuming (such is life). But, anyway, I discovered that time exercising on my elliptical trainer seems to fly by when I'm watching something interesting. And, let's see...what would peak my interest? I wonder...

How about...gardens! You guessed! :-) I've stumbled across some delightful dvds that I'll tell you about now and then. The first one I want to share is called English Cottage and Country Gardens.

Besides beautiful gardens (a given), there are interviews with some of the actual gardeners...and those are priceless. Especially since this was not filmed recently (timeless, though)...however, you'll adore these gardeners and their gardens. It was the fastest 40 minutes I've spent exercising! And, you know what leaves you (me) with the nicest feelings...and who doesn't want to feel happy on a cold day??


Anonymous said...

So where did you find these dvds?

A wildlife gardener said...

First of all, a belated Happy New Year to you, gotta Garden.

Two DVDs which I can recommend are Geoff Hamilton's Paradise Gardens and Geoff Hamilton's Cottage Gardens. They were both made just before he died. He had a twin brother who did part of the voice-over on the last one.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Rosa: I hunt around and sometimes get lucky! However, amazon is usually the easiest place.

Oh, A Wildlife Gardener...I would love, love, love to see those...but I cannot find them except in PAL...which doesn't work unfair, don't you think?? Why can't we all be on the same system? I may have to settle for buying a book, not quite the same, though. Thank you for the suggestions! And, here's to a great 2008 for you as well!

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