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Saturday, January 26, 2008

January....Witch Hazels

Today I realized that I hadn't walked my garden in I don't know how long. I've missed it. Normally, I walk it at least twice a day, but I suppose I felt it was winter...and certain areas of my garden are difficult to access when the ground is messy (as it can be in winter). January is full of surprises. Two weeks ago, we had temps in the 70s...night before last, down to single digits. If I'm confused, I can only imagine how some of the plants must feel.

Sure enough, I did see a few that had tried to break dormancy. I patted them and talked to them (don't you?) and reminded them to hold off for a couple months, tempting though it might be. Let's hope they were listening.

Sam accompanied me on this walk through the garden.

(He looks so sweet here, doesn't he? Don't be fooled...I mean, he is sweet, but that demeanor hides one fierce hunter.)

He and his brother Leo are going through some difficulties. It seems they prefer to operate in shifts with me or else they fight (over me??).

Sam discovered the Ponytail grass (stipa) that I had written about previously. It has actually been planted and I wondered how long before he would find it! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for that part of our walk. Too bad, as it is hysterical the way he 'plays' with it. I hope these two survive his attention.

Well, it was in the backyard that I found today's surprise(s). Look what was just beginning to unfurl its blooms!

A witch hazel! Alas, an unscented one that will remain nameless as it is not the promised variety from the vendor at the plant sale several years ago. Still, I like it and we all have these plants we become fond of without knowing their details.

Seeing that one, I thought about my other....and realized it must, too, be in bloom.

Even with my nose in less-than-perfect-smelling-shape, I could smell the fresh clean scent from this one! Too bad I didn't see it sooner, as gathering by the spent blooms, it's been in flower for a while. It resides in the bottom of my area that doesn't get much attention and tends to be damp and muddy this time of year. I pretty much let the stuff down there take care of itself...and always think that I'll get to it one of these springs. Yeah.

I felt much better after my little stroll. Just like meditation or maybe yoga or even exercise, for some of us our gardens renew us. Note to self: try to remember this! I don't want to miss any little thing that goes on in my garden.

I really will get back to Chanticleer (and other places I still have to share)...


jodi said...

I haven't walked down to look at my witch hazel yet, but about ten days ago the flower buds were definitely swelling. It's the first year for it in my garden, though, so I'm not sure when it will bloom. Given the weird weather...hard to predict, but I expect late March. Now i'll have to go out and walk around tomorrow, if it's milder!

kate said...

Sam looks gorgeous on the wall. You are fortunate to have Witch Hazels in bloom.

I hope you are well!

Carol said...

I need to figure where in my garden I can tuck in a witch hazel. It will have to be one with scent.

Our gardens do renew us, even winter.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Benjamin Vogt said...

I'd love to have a WH, but fear it's MUCH too big for my 1/4 acre. Which ones have scents, or do they all?

Tiggie FOC said...

We orange cats excel at garden walks, although asking us to tromp through mud is a bit much.
I'm just surprised that you got a picture of your guy without his God given glow going.


Tiggie, FOC

Gotta Garden said...

Oh, I hope yours is in bloom, too, Jodi! I'll have to come see!

Hi Kate: Thanks...luckily you can't see poor Sam's legs...He's battling allergies and they are quite sad looking right now.

Thanks for asking...I'm beginning to get back into things!

Absolutely, Carol! On all counts!

Hello there Benjamin...No, unfortunately, they are not all scented. And, some are stronger scented than others. I'm laughing a bit because I live on 1/4 acre and I have lots of other things all jammed in here!

As for fragrant shrubs, I have learned the hard way that, if at all possible, to buy in bloom to assure that you are getting what you want.

Well, Tiggie, Sam is quite adept at keeping out of the mud, I notice! Now, if you could just help me convince him to avoid whatever it is he is allergic to...that would be great!

Thank you all for stopping by!

Miranda Bell said...

Hi - just discovered your beautiful site and it looks as if you have similar plants out to here (in Brittany, France) one plant that I keep promising myself though is a Witch Hazel or two to put in our woodland - they really are beautiful... will visit again when I've got some more time.. Miranda

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