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Friday, May 18, 2007

Garden Trips: Blandy Arboretum

Mother's Day found me en route to the Blandy Arboretum. My husband and daughter were treating me to a day "all about me". While a visit to the Arboretum itself would be pleasant, added to this was the annual plant sale. A "two-fer" type day if ever there was one! I hadn't been to the Arboretum before and we could not have picked a more pleasant day, weather wise.

I was eager to see what was there! The shopping was good and I had the added attraction of a personal plant holder to accompany me. The first thing that caught my eye was an heirloom tomato, Missouri Love Apple. Isn't the name enough! I also found a new (to me) heuchera that has red edges, Eco-Magnififolia. I have been searching for one like the one I lost...I have yet to find was an incredibly colorful one that I brought back from Seattle a couple years ago. This one isn't it, but I feel like I am getting warm. I also bought some Mycorrhizae. It's something I've been curious to try and so I bought it at this sale (I wasn't thrilled to find it online for a lot cheaper...but, at least now I know a source should I want more.). My purchases were rounded out with a few more tomatoes and a pepper. (One of these days...when I actually plant them...I'll list the tomatoes I'm growing this year...what would summer be without fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes!)

After enjoying myself at the plant sale, I walked over to take a look at the Arboretum itself. Such a beautiful day had brought out lots of families and there were folks wandering all over enjoying themselves. Some were grilling out or having picnics, some were over at the children's tables making projects and the rest were either cruising around (like me) or at the plant sale!

The Arboretum is famous for its boxwood collection:

Okay, given my previous post, I couldn't help but post this:

You know what it is...a Fringe Tree!

Here's where we make our way inside:

I was interested to see these very happy looking Iris Cristata in full sun:

Japanese Roof Iris:

I love finding cozy seating...this is in a small shade garden called a pollination garden.

Columbines were so pretty:

Shall we have a look?

There was a small collection of iris:

So, I see this group of people and I'm thinking that maybe this is where the elusive gift shop is...or at least something interesting, right? Did you figure this out (before me)??

Yes, this was the line for the restroom....

It struck me that this would be a great place to have a tour (the Arboretum, not the restroom!) and one of these days, I'm going to do just that. However, the Herb Garden was on my way and I just had to take a peek.

The flax was blooming:

Not just any iris, but Orris (where we get orris root):

Done with my touring, I made my way back to the car where my daughter and husband awaited me. We were off for a nice dinner! Interestingly (and I mean very) the car made its way to one of my favorite nurseries, Merrifield Garden Center. Wow! Naturally, there were a few things there to tempt me (a new dianthus and some double ivy geraniums). The back of the car was filling up quite nicely! From there, we did make our way to a nearby Bonefish Grill, a very yum restaurant. It was quite the Mother's Day! (Did I mention the huge bottles of a very nice perfume and lotion??!) Thank you, DH and DD!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

I'm drooling again, another Fringe tree and how absolutely adorable it looks. Love that all-about-you day thingy, gotta introduce that idea here too. :-)

What a wonderful day you had at the arboretum. It's a lovely place to be, that much is obvious. That seat in the shaded area looks very inviting. Love that herb garden too. Those Irises are gorgeous! Thanks a bunch for taking me on this wonderful tour with you. Right, where are the restrooms? ;-)

Entangled said...

I went to the Blandy plant sale a couple of years ago and had a great time. The only reason we didn't tour the plantings then was because Mother's Day weekend coincides with the worst of the pollen allergies. We planned to go back after the pollen season, but you know how plans go sometimes.

Did you go to the Fair Oaks location of Merrifield Garden Center? That may be my all-time favorite garden center.

Kate said...

I quite love how you tour all these cool places and take great pictures so that it feels as if I'm accompanying you on your adventure. This is a gorgeous place ... I think you have quite a special DH and DD ... they knew just what you'd love to do. And a garden centre trip to boot! You are definitely living right!

Oh the irises are gorgeous, the fringe tree is breathtaking and I'd like to sit on the secluded bench and survey the surroundings, or no, I'd rather be lost in a book.

Enjoy your weekend!

Layanee said...

How lucky you are to have a family who treats you to what you want to do! Sounds like a perfect day! Thanks for posting all those great pictures. When is the tour? I will try to make it!

Michelle said...

The Fringe Tree is fantastic! :)

Jean said...

What a great way to spend a day! Super pictures! Love the fringe tree.

Tricia said...

Looks absolutely lovely. I do like that Fringe tree. I'm not sure that I've ever seen one before.

Love the flower photos too!

Here visiting for Green Thumb Sunday.

exile61 said...

Sounds like you really had a great day on Mother's Day. Who wouldn't in such a beautiful setting. Have a nice week. Andrea

lisa said...

What a nice Mother's Day!

OldRoses said...

What a great day and a beautiful place.

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

Green thumb said...

Congratulations dear Gotta garden, and thanks for posting about that lovely day. I could feel the warmth of a proud Mother and a proud Wife.

Mary said...

You do get around to great places, Gotta. What a nice treat on a special day! Thanks for the tour and those gorgeous Iris.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi YE: Oh good...the mark of success, drool! Yes, I'm thinking that all-about-me sounds good for more than once a could become quite addicting!

You're welcome...more tours to come!

Hi Entangled: Is that the one off 29 and the FC Pkwy? If so, yes, indeed...I do like it there, too! I think I went to the other one (older?) once, but the parking was difficult (or maybe I just don't remember). Hmmm, pollen...okay, that explains the sneezing!

Hi Kate: Me, too...bring on the book and something icy to drink! I hope the bench is long enough, because I may just stretch out!

Thank you for saying that. If you saw all the pictures I is hard to narrow it down and you wonder if it really conveys it.

Hi Layanee: It's on my to-do list...maybe I can talk the garden group I volunteer with into going! Well, there are lots of places to see, so who knows. Company is always welcome!

Hi Michelle: I think they're neat! And, fragrant as well! Hard to beat that!

Hi Jean: Thanks! It isn't often I have a day like that, so it was blog-worthy!

Hi Tricia: That is nice you can make the rounds...I know it takes quite a bit of time.

Hi Andrea: Thanks! It was a good day...hard to top!

Hi Lisa: Yes! Thanks!

Hi OldRoses: Truly...we should all be so fortunate!

Hi All Blog Spots: Thank you!

Hi Green Thumb: Thanks, Green Thumb! I must get over your way!

Hi Mary: I try. I love to visit gardens! You're welcome!

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