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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Garden Art: Timothy Martin

On my way to hear Pamela Harper (my next post...really!), I was stopped in my tracks by this wonderful exhibition of paintings by Timothy Martin. (Follow that link...there's small slide show of his paintings) Currently on display at Lewis Ginter (another reason to be a member of a's not just about the garden), they are so whimsical, fascinating and just plain adorable. I took pictures of quite a few, but don't know if it's cool to put them all, I'll just tempt you with a few. Now, I don't know this artist and am not in any way affiliated with him, but you just gotta love this, right?

Clickable (just do it!):

Tell me you didn't like those! Okay, I gotta go because I have a dentist appointment and I will probably be just like Kate....I will be back and will work on the Pamela Harper post...and lots of other good stuff....soon...really...maybe...just kidding!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

GG thanks for this wonderful treat. His pictures are delightful! I think I want them all. :-)

BTW we're dancing on Bliss.

LostRoses said...

Very whimsical, gotta love the bear snoozing!

Carol said...

I do love those pictures!

Gotta Garden said...

Thank you, all of you! Stand by...I have some pictures I took today of a real live chair that is really something!

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