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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bath Has Babies

Dianthus, as you will probably see over the next few weeks, are another of my favorites. Bath's Pink is coming into bloom and has been a very reliable and dependable dianthus (some aren't).

Here she is:

Take a closer look:

I noticed that Bath has produced two babies...have a look at Baby No. 1:

Closer, you can see Mom's influence but the baby is more colorful:

And Baby No. 2 (where did you come from?!) Okay, let's just say I have more than a few dianthus, so...

Both babies are a bit taller than mom and the stems are longer and more...shall we say...floppy than mom's. It was fun to see their small clumps emerge near the mother plant and wonder what they would look we know!

Here's the happy the very end (closest to you) is Baby No. 2 and at the top, to the left of the daylily, is Baby No. 1

I have lots of pictures I'm in the process of uploading (so many pictures, so little time...) week, I should be better about posting...we're expecting company this weekend and I am supposed to be getting the house ready....uh huh, right...!!)


Annie in Austin said...

The 'Telstar' dianthus do pretty well here, so maybe 'Bath's Pink' would grow in Austin, too. Yours look so pretty, GottaGarden.

I read that designer Jane Bath found the original plant in her mother's garden and the nursery that propagated it named the Dianthus after her. Wouldn't you love to have a plant named after yourself?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

ginger said...

And they smell so good! I will have to consider 'Bath's Pink'.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You just gotta love those pinks, don't you? Such lovely old-fashioned flowers with a wonderful scent.

Congrats on becoming a garden granny! :-) Beautiful bouncy babies.

Entangled said...

Bath's Pink is definitely on my all-time favorite list. I planted Firewitch last year, and it shows great promise to be just as vigorous and happy as Ms. Bath's plant. No babies here, though :-( Maybe she needs more privacy - she's right next to the sidewalk.

Kate said...

No wonder I like you!! I love pinks ... Bath's pinks are some of my favourites. Your baby looks like the 'Sops 'n wine' variety - pinks used to be called that because they were an inexpensive way to flavour wine.

Good luck with the cleaning and the guests ... they'll enjoy your garden and won't even notice a bit of dust here and there!

Mary said...

Gotta, you sure do have lovely flowers... And you have a very visual blog and like to show lots of photos, right?

I used to upload my photos with through Blogger and it was slow and frustrating. Maybe the new blogger is better, but I find using Flickr is incredibly quick and simple for someone like you who insists on plenty of photos. I'm saving at least an hour a night uploading photos!

Flickr is something to consider...

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, Annie! I don't know about the plant, you never know with all those daylily seedlings I have growing! They'll be needing names, if any are worthy.

Hi Ginger...yes, do! You can't have too many dianthus, I say!

Hehe YE...and that's the only kind of granny I'm up for right now! I do love them...they bloom for a good while and then are usually kind enough to send up more blooms later...good plants! I do have one oddball one that I hope I can capture a good picture of this won't believe it!

Hi Entangled: Hmmm, either that (laughing) or just some more time...I think they cannot help themselves as I have found a few others here and there (which is all well and good with me).

Hi Kate: That's neat...I had never heard of that! I'll try to get a picture of baby #2 again as all the blooms so far have his one odd petal on strange, I think.

You're too nice...if it was only a bit of dust, I wouldn't! However, I think it may have solved itself in the form of a hotel daughter has been under the weather and probably not a good thing to share those germs with a traveler. I can breathe a small sigh as now I only have to worry about the downstairs...and maybe the ground will dry out enough so that I can weedwhack the bigger weeds! Thanks for the nice words, though...they help! (I am such a stress freak!)

Thanks, Mary...I'll have to work with that some...I'm all for saving time and sure appreciate the info! I do have a Flickr acct and used it for a bit...but now I've been loading straight to blogger...I don't know what I think, really! I have been meaning to try one of those badges, one of these days!

Anyway, thank you very much for the suggestion...I need all the help I can get!

anne said...

Love the look of your Sweet Shrub!

Ki said...

I love pinks too but my wife doesn't care for them so we compromised and bought only three pots of three different ones in a pot. I snuck in three smaller pots later because they were on sale.;) Now they come up every year and some of the seedlings look very different from their parents. Ours are far from the blooming stage though with only leaves so far.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi Anne...thanks!

Oh,! She can't! They are so adorable! (Maybe she likes them now??!) I found two more new babies...I really like one of them! Must have been a good year for Bath!

That would be a good topic...plants we sneak in...but we can never do it because then the whole deal would be blown!

lisa said...

NICE! I just love dianthus, and yours make me drool...

Gotta Garden said...

Thanks, Lisa!

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