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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daffodils! They've Begun Blooming.... spring must be really and truly coming!

Here's what I see along my front walk (most pleasant!):

These are probably Ice Follies in front and an unknown early yellow behind...

Early blooms, just starting on Cum Laude:

These beauties are called Fragrant Breeze:

First flower open on Sweetness (first of many, I hope):

February Gold (which never blooms in February):

I saw later this afternoon that Tete-a-Tete is also blooming...I'll try to get them tomorrow. While we wait for the daffodil show to really begin, other things are trying to grab our attention.

Winter Daphne in full bloom is heavenly:

Look here...I hope, I hope, I hope that these are flower buds on my Clematis Armandi (and not just new leaves). If so, this will be the very first time it has bloomed. This is another one with wonderful fragrance.

Early peonies are making their appearance. That foliage in front is from Dutch Iris.

This is what I thought (hoped) I would see all along my driveway. Alas, this is the only grouping. There are scattered bits (one or two or so) in other places.

I'll stop for now with this picture of a double pink hellebore. I've added (since last spring) a couple of double whites (one from Portland that I can't wait to tell you about) and unknown (color) double's hoping next year will bring lots of double hellebore blooms...but for now, we'll be content with this one, won't we?

Spring, spring, spring! I think it might be almost here! You know what that means...something interesting happening all the time in the garden! Hope you'll join me!


Robin's Nesting Place said...

It's definitely spring where you are. Lovely, lovely spring blooms!

Jane Marie said...

There's a wonderful thing about spring.. there's no stopping it!

chey said...

You are so lucky to have blooms already! Your pictures are wonderful, and offer some hope for those of us still under ice and snow! Cheers!

Bek said...

I love all your different kinds of daffodils. Some of mine are blooming today for the first time.

joey said...

Lucky, lucky, lucky you ... you have many of my favorites ... still sighing here looking at my snow covered garden but I did see hints of green noses peeking through tiny bare spots. Thanks for the tour ;)

Carzan said...

Hello from Belgium ! Congrats for the daffodils, they are magnificent. Here where I live, we must still wait one or two weeks in order to get the same blooming (they are still in buds). Great blog, I will come again...

kate said...

That is one of my good memories from last spring - seeing pictures of your Daffodils. I love the many varieties you have of them - each one is a delight. It's good to see such sizeable clumps well. It's a beautiful sight ... I'd be walking along your front walk many, many times a day if I got to see these!!

I love your double Hellebores. I don't think I've seen this one before - I'm looking forward to seeing your Portland one. Your Daphne is gorgeous.

Andrea's Garden said...

Your daffodils are beautiful. I remember admiring them last year. In Bavaria we are just starting with spring blossoms. Have a nice Palm Sunday, Andrea

Gotta Garden said...

Hi robin's nesting place! Every day I become more convinced (although not by the calendar, obviously)...still, I worry about a late storm...Thanks, though!

Hello Jane Marie: I think you're right, although it can be slowed by a freak storm...which happens here in VA on occasion...but, let's hope not this year!

Thank you, Chey!

Oh, good, Bek! They're so big smiles when you go outside! Thanks!

You're welcome, Joey! Not too long for you, I hope. It can be so hard to wait. Thanks for coming over!

Oh, I hope so, caran! Once you see the buds, it's soooo hard to wait! Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you, thank you, Kate! It's early yet, for the daffs, and I am filled with much hope and anticipation for the new ones! Most of the ones I'm seeing now have been very reliable, luckily.

The Daphnes are what really make that walk nice now. I was thinking yesterday afternoon that I should just take a few minutes and sit on the steps...the fragrance is soooo nice right now. Of course, I didn't...too many things to do!

Thank you, Andrea. Please check back for some new this year varieties as well as seeing some favs from last year. Like daylilies (although not quite as bad!), I can't help but add new ones each year! Those first blooms are so very welcome, aren't they!

Thanks so much everyone!

Ki said...

Holy, moly, that's some hellebore! Unusual color too. Lovely jonquils. Can't wait to see the peony blossoms.

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