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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clematis Armandi Blooms (at last)!

I knew it. Of course, I knew it. My planned escape to South Carolina would come just as the Clematis Armandi would begin to bloom...for the very first time (after three years, I think...maybe four)....and so, I present:

I'm excited! And, yes, fragrance fans, it is deliciously fragrant!


Because they're blooming and because I can't resist taking their pictures:

Sorbet (above)

Amor (above)

Sentinel (above)

Easter Bonnet (above)

Mt. Hood (above)

L'Innocence (above)

Trevithian (above)

Acropolis (above)

Mondragon (above)

Ring of Fire (above)

Curly (above)

Virginia Sunrise (above)


More tomorrow....more daffs and more signs of spring around here.


Annie in Austin said...

It's nice to see patience rewarded, Gotta Garden! One of my sons grows that clematis but I've been there at the wrong time and missed the scented flowers.

Ring of Fire! Easter Bonnett! Sentinal! I just knew you'd have wonderful daffodil pictures. Thank you.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carzan said...

You have so beautiful daffodils ! I could not even imagine that some of them could exist. I love Easter Bonnet and Sentinel ! If you take some more tomorrow, be sure I will be there ! Thank you

Les said...

I am glad that you got to see your clematis, I have killed two. The one at work is in full bloom and you can smell it from afar. I may try it again, it would be worth the effort.

Ki said...

You have an unusually lovely selection of daffodils. Great photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Ki said...

Oops forgot to mention the clematis. That sure is an early bloomer! Lovely and delicate. All the more precious because of a fragrance. I'll have to see if any of the nurseries have them.

Nichole said...

You're daffodils are incredible!! I love everyone of them

Narcissa said...

Your daffodils are absolutely lovely. Have to say though, the one of Curly doesn't look like a Curly to me. Here it is in Daffseek.

Gotta Garden said...

Hi annie: Thank you! Oh, you must smell it! Yesterday, I dragged my neighbor back to smell it. For now, you must climb the steps to smell mine but I imagine (and hope) it draping itself over the railing in time and perfuming the whole area (as I know it can).

Hello carzan: Easter Bonnet has been a good performer for a few years now. Sentinel makes my high list as it returned this year, so I am hopeful it will continue. Some of the pricey ones act like annuals here, which I find very frustrating. Sentinel, however, looks as good as last year (its first here). Thanks!

Oh yes, les...I would try it again. Knock on wood, as it has put up with a great deal from me. Of course, we did have a mild winter this, I am not sure what the future will hold as I think it is probably iffy any rate, I am enjoying it so much!

Hello ki: So nice to hear from you! The collection continues to grow...just placed my first order for the fall yesterday! Gotta a few gaps to fill (hehe).

Oh, you would like this clematis, but do put it in a protected's a bit uncertain here, but worth the effort.

Thank you, nichole!

I totally agree, narcissa (nice name!). I had hopes (less now, but we'll see) that perhaps it would grow into its form. Pineapple Prince now has its white trumpet, for instance. My hope does dim for it as well as Modern Art. Both came from a local nursery that each fall offers a large selection. This is not the first time, I am sorry to say, that what I have gotten from them is not quite right...You'd think I would learn...and I do buy much less from them. I hadn't intended to buy any from them, but those two caught my eye. It was worth a try, I suppose. They will have to go on the spreadsheet as Curly NOT and Modern Art NOT...

Ever since I heard a horticulturist tell a story about trying to obtain a special historic tulip (for a historic garden, so important)...and contacting the Dutch supplier when it bloomed incorrectly...only to be told, "Well, it's close enough,"...I am very cautious...but not cautious enough (ha)...

At some point, I should move (a lot of work!) all the unknowns and mislabled into an area of their own and just let them have at it! It's something to think about.

Thank you all for coming over!

Narcissa said...

My Curlies :) hardly change during blooming. However they are my least favourite daffs and I think that your impostor is actually much prettier than the real thing :)

You also had a picture of Fragrant Breeze a while back. I ordered it from a bulb merchant a few years ago and when it bloomed it wasn't fragrant, the color didn't seem to match either and it later paled to white, so I contacted the seller. Their reply: "We thought we told you it was substituted with Slim Whitman". Well they hadn't. And your picture looked pretty "Slim" to me too. I hope I am wrong though, but you might want to take a closer look at it.

Gotta Garden said...

Oh geez, narcissa, I think you are right! Another one bites the dust...! I remember about seven or eight years ago thinking what is all the many of mine look like almost the same three or four different ones (despite buying under many different names)...then, I found out I needed to buy from more specialized suppliers. But, sigh, I still slip now and then and am tempted to try some...but, no more! (famous last words!)

I just placed an order with B&B for fall. I don't think I've gotten any daffs from them that were wrong (notwithstanding that all haven't bloomed yet this; however, I do get quite frustrated with ones (expensive ones) that are one year wonders...I keep meaning to write my own little review...maybe I will get to it this year!

Anyway, Old House Gardens has been reliable, but they need to increase their!

Beyond that, I guess I will just stick to club orders (the first of which I am just beginning to see bloom!)...

I can't tell you many Thalia-looking ones I have bought under an assortment of names.

Thanks for the heads up. It does matter to me.

kate smudges said...

I knew this was the place to come on a cloudy Friday afternoon. Your Clematis has such elegant blooms. I can just imagine how wonderful their is!

All of your daffodils never fail to make my day. There is such a variation in them... sometime I'd love to see photographs of them from a distance. I imagine they look so beautiful in drifts.

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