Gotta Garden

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gotta Garden

So, I did it. And here it begins...a place to journal, discuss, exclaim and celebrate all that gardening brings to my life. A place to think aloud...scary, maybe, but I'm ready to try.

Today. A beautiful, glorious day to be outside. Perfect weather. Roses to be pruned and magnolia branches to clean up. Last weekend's storm was not as benign as it seemed. It turns out there's six bags full, four of magnolia and two of rose prunings.

Still, there's time to walk around and see what's popping up. The first of the crocus are blooming, a pale yellow variety that is always early. Surprisingly, a yellow-orange variety with dark stripes on the outside of the petals also has a couple buds open. I don't remember them and part of me wonders if they are the result of seedlings. They are in an area with mixed crocus, but the color is new this year.

The snowdrops continue to hang on. They've been out for a couple weeks. Three patches this year and it reminds me that I'd still like to add a couple more.

Some of the hellebores are blooming. A white with purple splotches and a deep burgundy are returns from last year. New this year are two grown at Pine Knot Farms. One is especially pretty and is from the Pine Knot Strain. I purchased them after hearing the owners give wonderful lectures at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden a couple weeks ago.

Sweet box, daphne odora, viburnum Pink Dawn are about to burst into bloom. The two witch hazels are blooming. The supposed-to-be yellow which is a rich orangey color and my fragrant yellow are not fazed by whatever weather nature brings.

Earlier, part of this perfect day was spent at Mary's House. Mary Washington's House, that is, in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia. Volunteering in her garden is satisfying on so many levels. The other gardeners are enjoyable and interesting. Holly the Horticulturist is a wealth of information and makes everyone there feel they make a valuable contribution.

Okay. That's about it for today. This is a learning process and I guess there's nothing like getting started. My husband suggests the name of my blog should be Got Garden?, of course, Got Milk. Maybe. All I know is I just...gotta garden.

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