Gotta Garden

Friday, October 06, 2006

Last Daylily of the Season

My last bloom, Sergeant Major, new this year...normally wouldn't expect it to bloom in October!


Sigrun said...

Your daylily looks like my red rain, but she blooms in July. It is a bit too red for my garden! What do you think at yours?


Gotta Garden said...

Well, I am totally daylily silly, so it hard for me to find a daylily I don't like! This one should bloom at a normal time next...oops...this year!

I have all colors jumbled together! I did try, at one time, to have a pink garden, to have maroon type colors here and hot colors there...but that has now pretty much gone by the wayside! My purple garden has pink in it, etc. I just look for an empty spot (getting hard to find these days)!

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