Gotta Garden

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Last Orchid in Bloom.....

Still, though, the blooms should last a good while. There's one more bud to open. These are thought of as "easy" orchids and I guess the fact that it has surved several years (for me) is testament to that! It's not nearly as reliable a bloomer (for me, again) as my faithful dendrobium.


Ki said...

Your orchids bloomed much earlier than ours in NJ. The Phalaenopsis are only starting to bloom now with the most advanced ones still half in bud. The Paph was the first to bloom about a month ago, still going strong and the dendrobium has its flowers fully open on two sprays. Must be that you are in a different zone ;)

Gotta Garden said...

Well, it is only pure luck for me with the orchids. The phal is still in bloom (01/22/07)today and looks to be building another bud (is that the right term? I'm rather orchid ignorant...I just can't resist them, however, so maybe I should read up on them! Lol! I keep saying NO MORE HOUSEPLANTS...but I don't seem to listen very well!). My faithful dendrobium sits in a chair behind my computer. I get asked why it is there...because it likes it and I'm not moving it! However, someone (think large furry with four feet, I think) has bumped it and I suspect it's not going to be as happy. It still looks fine, for the moment, but I had to scoop much of the bark back into its pot and it just doesn't feel right...nor do the roots....but, we shall goes on.

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