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Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Daylilies

Amazingly, there still are a few daylilies blooming. I'm getting some rebloom this year, but I'm not confident that this is something I will be able to expect regularly. It seems that water is critical to rebloom and, well, we have those troublesome water issues here in Stafford County.

This is rebloom on HOW SWEET IT IS. Interestingly, the single fan is not reblooming. This rebloom is coming from the triple fan that I purchased from another seller.

This one is a late one although whether it will be this late when it settles into my garden is unknown...LAST SNOWFLAKE:

SUZY CREAM CHEESE, a known late that is new to my garden and blooming in the pot ghetto:



Rebloom on SCRAMBLED LEGS which is quite nice. Didn't bloom last year, but has certainly made up for it this year.

AFTER AWHILE CROCODILE, another late (still blooming as of today):

HONEY CRUNCH CUPCAKE, probably just blooming off schedule this of the Herrington Cupcakes:

This is aggravating, but I'll take it as a sign this one is not meant to live here. This is the (dying) EYES ON THE PRIZE...which has struggled since it arrived...I thought it had rebounded this year, making this large fan. Unfortunately, it appears to be dying (nothing else around it is)...again..


I haven't forgotten....just wanted to put up something to take my mind off the last post. I'll get to Lewis Ginter and Garden Five of the 2008 AHS National Tour...I will...really...


Hocking Gardener said...

Your reblooming lilies are beautiful.I think I may have to invest in some.

Jane Marie said...

I had quite a few rebloomers this year, some that had never done so before, and some that just didn't quit blooming. We had a rainy first part of the summer but it's been dry for a month now.

You must have a nice looking garden still with all of the beautiful blooms.

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