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Friday, October 24, 2008

Mid-Late October in VA

It won't be long before these are all just memories. October is surprisingly, if you take the opportunity to observe, declaring that bloom season is not...yet...over.

Abraham Lincoln is still sending out blooms. Not a prolific bloomer for me, it makes those it does send out seem especially nice. Fall is a good time here for roses.

This is a miniature that still survives from my brief infatuation with them. Did you realize that miniature roses are own root roses? Unlike the others, that you must make some effort to assure that you are purchasing own root roses, the miniatures have quietly soldiered on...on their own roots.

This is an annual that makes it to my garden...annually...ha. Nemesia. Love it. Blooms and blooms until frost takes it away.

While this camellia doesn't have the best shape, shrub-wise, yet...the blooms sure are pretty.'s really lovely.

I almost missed these rain lilies, hidden as they were...the result of an ever-expanding garden. Once upon a time they were planted on a border where they could be, they're buried behind some other things (hmmm, daylilies, perhaps??).

Dianthus Siberian Blues which I grew from seed several years ago. It has a long bloom season and puts up with neglect.

I didn't know this...perhaps you did...that Loropetalum blooms again in fall. How 'bout that. Maybe because mine has struggled and not attained the glory that I see when I visit South Carolina. Let's hope it is because it has decided it will stay here.

Geranium Rosanne. If you don't grow this, I can't imagine why not. It is simply the best hardy geranium. Blooms forever (almost).

This is one of many phlox seedlings I find around. I particularly like this one. Unfortunately, it has decided to grow between two edging bricks and is perched directly in the path of where I will probably have some professional tree/shrub whacking going on. We shall see what happens.

Another camellia in the backyard. It's growing on me. Not what I thought I was purchasing, but it's very healthy due to, I believe, the fact that my compostor used to be right behind it.

This is my holly leaf osmanthus which only blooms in the fall. It has a stronger fragrance than the others that I grow. I was astonished to go outside recently and find it covered in blooms (sorry the picture is not so great). This has been its best year ever for bloom/fragrance.

Another not-so-good picture, this is my tea olive (osmanthus). As you can tell, it grows under my steps. I love this shrub! It's been here several years, so I'm hoping it's with me to stay. With predictions of a dire winter, I worry. This year, I brought back yet another tea olive, whose name is not in front me right now...anyway, it is supposed to be even more floriferous than the one above (imagine that!). They actually all three were blooming at the same time this year. I do have a fourth osmanthus, but it does not bloom...just a beautiful shrub. I'll be concerned for the two SC tea olives, especially the brand new one, this year. You might cross your fingers for me, too...if you're so inclined.


Toad Lilies.

Hardy Cyclamen...the second one has now begun blooming...

This year I'm expecting eight lemons from my Meyer Lemon...well, tree would be generous...ha, perhaps we'll call it a shrub. It gets dragged in and out each year and so far has managed to survive this torture.

So, in sum....October is a pretty interesting month in the least in this Virginia garden.


kate smudges said...

It's incredible to see how many blooms you still have in the garden. Abraham Lincoln has beautiful flowers ... I love the colour. The Camellia are gorgeous and I can only imagine how beautiful the tea olives must be!

I planted several Nemesia and, despite many nights of hard frosts, they continue to bloom.

What are you planning to do with your Meyer lemons, lucky you??

lynn'sgarden said...

Lovely pictures of your still blooming garden..I just planted my first camellia a few weeks ago and hopefully, it will survive our winter in zone 6. The toad lilies are also new plants for me this year but I did not see a single bloom, even with repellent, deer ate it to the ground! WOW, real lemons..I'm envious!

Patsi said...

You have a lemon tree? So cool !!
Camellia is new for me this past year...not sure if it will survive the sun.
Love your flowers.
Still looking at your blog...

sweet bay said...

I'm impressed by the monkshood :) -- so beautiful and I've read that it's not the easiest to grow.

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