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Friday, March 27, 2009

Catching Up...

Hardy Cyclamen, I believe it's Cyclamen coum...

Notice how much rounder the leaves are. This was a nice little find (below). I have tried this Sedum a couple times now, without success (Ogon)...however, check this:

Here are a few pieces that have overwintered. Yea! One of the things I like about sedum is that while it sits in my pot ghetto, it can be prone to dropping pieces which then root. Lucky for me. Maybe the pavers kept it a bit warmer here as well.

I am not a particular fan of spireas. I grew several while I lived in Washington (state) and yes, they were quite easy care...but, they just didn't deliver (to me) on their promise. However, for the last couple of years, I have greatly admired one that I see in spring while I'm down in South Carolina. I didn't buy it because it was much too large (I like small things....easier to plant...they'll grow). So, I ordered it...or so I thought. Sigh. These orange leaves are not the bright neon yellow I was expecting (like the sedum above)....maybe they will turn...if not, sorry, but I want the one I want.

This, flower friends, is a survivor. It is the simple garlic chives. Some years ago, a small bit (much like what is there now) came home with me from the Mary Washington House. I have, every year without fail, abused it. (not intentionally, mind you) I weed whack it completely, only noticing when my nose smells oniony-garlic and there appears to be nothing left. It's in a weedy area that perhaps this year I will gain better control of. I could have sworn that I inadvertently pulled it out numerous times (along with the chickweed, etc.)...yet, here it is:

I grow lots of regular chives (with the pink flowers) and couldn't do without them. Perhaps this year....finally...I will enjoy garlic chives. And, yes, I will be sure to cut off those white flowers (no reseeding everywhere here).

The Johnny Jump Ups are putting on a fine show...for the first Maybe because they have planted themselves here and there (vs my trying to plant them). The color variations are fascinating...

I like all their little variations. I'm still planting daylily seeds (inside) and working on moving even more outside into planting boxes...they seem to like growing in's a picture...


I am happy to report that I did get my lettuce planted but, alas, not the peas. I also rearranged some daylilies working toward clearing a bed for seedlings. Much more to do on that front. Rain yesterday, so no work outside.

I last...acquired my much wanted Camellia Nuccio's Pearl! After waiting endlessly last year and finally being sent a different one by Wayside (so aggravating...not even hardy in my zone!....check that fine print when you order, by the way...places can be sneaky)....yesterday, I went to a very kind person's home....who received my camellia in error (so frustrating!)...and called me....I have the camellia in hard. It looks good....that pleases me....but what I had to go through to get it! (How hard is it to get one's name and address correct?? Pretty hard, apparently...) ....wish me luck! I think (yeah, right) this is the final camellia for, you know...


Chandramouli S said...

I can smell the spring in your post. Lovely violets/pansies! Daylily! Whoa! Good luck with them. I've wanted to try garlic too, but am procrastinating it... Hope I get around to planting them soon.
I love the sedum too and after seeing them in so many blogs around, I think its a must have in our gardens.

Shady Gardener said...

You are amazing! It must be very rewarding to propagate daylilies this way. I'm just going to sit back and admire you and your efforts! :-) I love the Spider Daylilies in your sidebar!

EAL said...

My indoor cyclamen just finished. Now it will move into its leaves-only spring/summer mode. I long for violas, but it is a few weeks early for those here.

kate smudges said...

I am in total envy of all that you have growing there. Yay! You received the Camellia you wanted. Hmmm ... on the Spirea. I loved seeing your daylily seedlings ~ I didn't realise that they liked sitting in water. (Maybe that's why daylilies thrive here in our clay, water-logged soil.) Your garlic chives are true survivors ~ I laughed when I read about them. Thinking of you!!!

Kerri said...

I wish now that I'd planted (in the garden) my potted cyclamen that I bought last winter. It bloomed its heart out on and off inside and out, and finally gave up the ghost, once inside again, in early winter. It was such a beautiful plant.
I'm glad you finally got your camellia after such a frustrating time of waiting.
Your daylily seedlings are looking good.
Happy spring!

Kate said...

So nice to have found you, via my friend Jill (formerly a Houston Hat Netter now in Utah)! I just moved back to my home state a little over a year ago and recently bought a house in Arlington with garden. It's great fun watching what appears this Spring! Will watch your blog for gardening tips in Virginia. Thanks!!! Kate Q:-)

Anonymous said...

The spirea shown, if it's the one I think it is, will indeed turn to yellow leaves. They emerge orange. I actually find that quite nice because one can pair them with, say yellow daffodils when orange, and then later they turn yellow.
Now those magenta blooms are another matter..... (:


Gotta Garden said...

Hello Chandramouli...yes, do get that garlic in....although here, it is better to plant it in the fall...but, it is so great (fresh!) that you should try it anyway! I'm picky about sedums...I mostly like the low growing groundcover type ones...and just wait until daylily season!

Oh Shady Gardener, not really....just obsessed! It is interesting and fun to me...I am fortunate to able to do the things I like/love. Thanks, I've meant to keep adding some (more daylilies to the sidebar), but get distracted. There's always this year!

Hi EAL, Maybe by now your violas are getting going. I hope so!

Kate! Email in the works...much to tell you! I didn't know they would like it either until I saw someone's daylilies (grown ones) sitting in water beds (in pots)...I just thought I'd give it a try....with being gone, it was a big help!

Hi Kerri: I wonder....if your cyclamen just needed to go dormant? Some years ago, I had such a nice indoor one and tossed it when it was didn't occur to me to wait it out...oh well, live and learn. No kidding, re the camellia. I have a phone message from the nursery to call them about it...I think I'll wait on it was pure luck that I actually received it! Thanks, you, too!

Welcome back, Kate! I think you've bought at a great time...buyers market and all that...and what a wise person you wait and see re your new garden. You'll also get a chance to see where you have the most sun/shade, etc...and not have to move things around so much! VA is a great place for gardening!

Bev, you are correct! It is much more yellow now...a picture to be forthcoming. I am much too impatient! What I didn't anticipate was that it would be yellow at this time (I thought it would be earlier...when much else wasn't blooming or what not)....and now it is paired with red and white tulips! Ha. Well, it is definitely bright!

Many thanks to all of you for your comments!

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