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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wayne Winterrowd

While online last night, I happened upon some sad news. It seems that Wayne Winterrowd of the famous North Hill Garden and partner/spouse of Joe Eck has passed away. The link to North Hill Garden in the previous sentence will take you to their homepage where you may peruse a number of remembrances.

Since I love garden books, that was my first introduction to the them. However, most of their books are now only available on the secondary market...checking Amazon, the prices have skyrocketed, I am sorry to say... I do own Our Life In Gardens. The title delights me. It sits on my nightstand (with others) where I like to pick and choose at will.

I feel especially privileged to have heard them speak....first up was Joe Eck and then Wayne Winterrowd closed out the program. It was at a now-defunct Horticulture here to read about my experience...(I actually got around to it! Yes!)

Anyway, I just wanted to add my condolences and express my sadness at the passing of an extraordinary gardener.

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