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Sunday, February 05, 2012


I'm still, as usual, going through pictures. Butterflies are always so fun, I think, and I frequently see the swallowtails as they love parsley. There may be more (I certainly hope so) that turn up in photos and if so, I'll update this post...but for now:

Who knew there were so many varieties...check these out here


Randy Emmitt said...

Beautiful photos. These swallowtails: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and Pipevine Swallowtail both females did not eat parsley. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtails eat the tender leaves of Tulip Poplar and the pipevine eats pipevines. Here in NC we have 9 species of swallowtails, see my page at

Indie said...

What beautiful swallowtails! Great pictures. I love the one that is in the daylily. Gardening for butterflies is so rewarding!

Shady Gardener said...

Sweet reminiscent photos of days gone by (and those anticipated!). :-)

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Annabelle said...

Wow ... what great photos! We see very few butterflies here in London but do have two butterfly gardens nearby -Wisley Gardens and Kew Gardens where you can walk among the stunning gardens and butterflies in huge glass houses. I went to Wisley last week but sadly without my camera - as it is only five miles away I will have to return with it and post the pics on my blog! said...

Your butterfly photos are beautiful as are the rest of the photos on your blog. The daylilies are my favorite! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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