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Monday, May 07, 2012

Around the Garden

Found my boys hard at work today...

The backyard is a total disaster.  I'm pulling my hair out in frustration with the totally useless weedwhacker as I fruitlessly whack at the world's tallest clover and various other weeds.  Tomorrow, I'm determined to replace it....enough is enough.  

This by way of explanation of why you'll just see closeups of the roses.  They're glorious right now, but their surroundings are not.


I was sad to lose 'Graham Thomas' this year to Rose Rosette disease.  Icky stuff.  Hopefully, I won't ever see that disease again.  GT had been here since '99, one of the original roses I hauled here to Virginia from Washington (state).  

Roses are pretty much a pain here in Virginia.  There are several that reside here that won't next year. 

More to come...

Here's a neat photo showing immature ladybugs:

LINK:  Immature Ladybugs

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